Sofia Richie Thinks Kourtney Purposely Posted Bed Pic With Scott When She Was With Him: It’s ‘Spiteful’
8th December 2018

Yikes! Did Kourtney Kardashian purposely post her sexy bed photo with Scott Disick while he was celebrating Hanukkah with Sofia Richie? Here’s why Sofia thinks so!

Remember that super scandalous picture Kourtney Kardashian posted of her and Scott Disick in bed together on Dec. 5? Well, we recently learned — EXCLUSIVELY — that Scott and Kourtney weren’t actually together when the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted the photo on Instagram. He was actually with Sofia Richie when Kourtney shared the pic — so was she intentionally sharing it at this specific time? Our source says yes, and here’s why.

Sofia thinks that Kourtney is jealous of her relationship with Scott and will do anything to come between them. Sofia was enjoying a wonderful night celebrating Hanukkah with Scott and a few friends at the same time Kourtney posted the picture of her laying in bed next to him. Sofia knows that Kourtney was aware she and Scott were together, and believes she posted that during the same time just to be spiteful,” a source close to Sofia tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. Awkward, right?

And despite Sofia’s efforts to try to have a good relationship with Kourtney — at least for the sake of Scott and Kourtney’s three kids — the mode feels she can’t win. “Sofia feels she’s done everything in her power to remain on good terms with Kourtney, has always been kind to her children, has never said or done anything mean or nasty, and Kourtney continues to be hurtful,” our source adds.


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Meanwhile, Kourtney doesn’t think she’s doing anything wrong. “She can’t spend her life worrying about what Sofia thinks or her insecurities; she’s just doing her own thing and living her best life,” another source told us after the pic went viral.

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