Snap of Victorian mill workers leaves Mumsnet users 'spooked'
8th October 2020

Black-and-white snap of Victorian mill workers leaves Mumsnet users ‘spooked’ – but can YOU spot what’s going on?

  • A black and white photo of linen mill workers in Belfast surfaced on Mumsnet
  • Users were left confused when asked what was out of place in the picture
  • Closer inspection uncovered a ghoulish hand resting on one of the girls

At first glance, there seems to be nothing untoward in this black-and-white photo. 

But a closer look reveals a spooky detail that has left social media users shaken. 

For resting on one woman’s shoulder is what appears to be someone’s right hand – but there is no body attached.

Seemingly innocent: This photo of linen mill workers posing for a picture has a hidden ghost-like secret… can you spot it?

The snap has previously been shared online but prompted fresh discussion after it was shared on UK-based parenting forum Mumsnet this week by a user who asked: ‘What do you make of this strange photo?’ 

Viewers were left feeling ‘spooked’ after viewing the photo, with one writing: ‘It’s quite late where I am and I was about to go to sleep and saw this. I feel quite scared now.’

The woman standing on the far right of the second row appears to have the hand resting on her right shoulder. 

The girl stood behind her has her arms folded making it impossible for the hand to belong to her.   

Spotted! On the shoulder of a girl in the second row of the picture rests what looks like a ghoulish hand. On closer inspection it’s not clear who the hand could belong to as both girls stood behind have their arms crossed

Users said it was a simple case of Photoshop or a trick of the eye, but others believe there might be something supernatural going on. 

In response to the picture, one person said: ‘There’s a hand on the woman’s shoulder on the right of the pic but no body attached?’

Another person, equally confused, said: ‘Oh yea there is a creepy hand coming from nowhere.’

Meanwhile other people were left feeling creeped out by the potentially supernatural image.

One said: ‘It’s quite late where I am and I was about to go to sleep and saw this. I feel quite scared now.’

Another commented: ‘Thanks for that. Totally freaking out now. Will see this in my sleep.’ 

People on Mumsnet were initially left confused about what was wrong with the picture, but those who spotted the mysterious hand soon expressed their fear

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