Skincare step to ‘never skip’ that will ‘instantly’ make you look ‘younger’
6th September 2023

Viral TikTok shares makeup top tips to look younger

As people get older, their skin changes, not only in texture and pigmentation but elasticity and vibrancy. 

A good way to prevent as well as improve this is by following a good skincare routine. One particular product that is key is moisturiser.

Sharing tips on how to look younger, beauty experts at Roxie Cosmetics claimed that it is vital to moisturise the face, especially before applying makeup.

They said: “Never skip moisturising the face, particularly before applying any makeup on the face. 

“Moisturisers will hydrate and moisturise the face, so dry patches will be avoided. 

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“Makeup will stick more to the skin if it is properly hydrated. Applying moisturiser is one of the five ways to look younger instantly with makeup.”

Moisturising alone is a step that can improve the appearance of skin, no matter the skin type.

It temporarily plumps the skin, making lines and wrinkles less visible. It also helps to hydrate the skin, keep it feeling wonderful, and provides added protection. 

Moisturiser alone will not stop wrinkles, but it certainly helps combat them for longer.

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The experts suggest that those with “mature skin” should use makeup to highlight their best features and not going without it will not help them appear younger. 

They explained: “As a person reaches a mature age, the face may not look the same during the teenage years. The face will start to sag, the skin will be a lot drier, and the eyes will droop. 

“Luckily, there is makeup to help aid these issues. Makeup is intended to make someone appear more beautiful. 

“It is used to hide imperfections and highlights the best features of the face.” 

They claimed that applying the “right amount of makeup” can make someone “appear younger”.

What’s more, knowing the “right technique and makeup products” will help in “hiding all the signs of ageing”.

An example of this is concealing the right way. Concealers are the perfect product to hide skin’s imperfections. However, when not correctly done, it can “accentuate skin problems” rather than conceal them. 

The experts warned: “Applying too much concealer on the eye accentuates those extra sagging skin or eye bags”. 

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