Shoppers Say This Unique Heating Pad Provides ‘Immediate Relief’ for Back and Neck Pain
11th March 2021

This period of social distancing has brought with it challenges big and small, including new aches and pains you may have developed while working from home. It makes sense — the comfort of an office setting is hard to replicate, though with items like laptop desks and ergonomic chairs, you can come close. 

But with new challenges come new solutions, and Amazon shoppers have discovered a saving grace for their work-from-home-induced pains: a heated pad designed to wrap around your back and neck for extremely targeted (and extremely gratifying) pain relief. 

The MaxKare heating pad looks a little funky upon first glance — it's kind of like a backwards vest — but its effectiveness lies in its strange design. It snugly fits around your body to provide soothing heat that evenly warms your neck, back, and waist to relieve pain. The heater's ergonomic neck collar makes it comfortable to wear and keeps warmth from dissipating too quickly. 

Nearly 5,000 people have given the heater a perfect rating thanks to how useful it is for fast relief. Shoppers say it's the perfect solution to work-from-home soreness they've experienced this past year. 

"[I] bought this at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, because my body ached from a poor ergonomic set up because I was working from home," explained one five-star reviewer. "This is just what I needed to ease my shoulder and back pain."

For added comfort and security, the heating pad's magnetic clasps and weighted edges prevent any slippage while it's in use. Five heat levels allow for customized relief each time it's put to work, and for safety, the heater has an automatic timer that will turn off the device to prevent overheating or discomfort. 

Wear it while lounging around on the couch or throughout the work day in your home office setup. Shoppers say you'll feel better during and after each use. 

"Can't say enough good things about this heating pad," wrote one reviewer. "Immediate relief for my neck and shoulder pain. [It] feels so warm and comforting."

Shop the top-rated pain-relieving heating pad below. 

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