‘Shark Tank’ recap: Bollywood-inspired exercise routine falls flat
10th December 2018

He may have lured the sharks from their seats to the dance floor, but things didn’t shake out well for a Bollywood-inspired fitness guru on Sunday’s episode of ABC’s “Shark Tank.”

Shahil Patel, the creator of Bolly X, certainly knew to make an entrance. Flanked by a group of dancers dressed in bright costumes, Patel burst through the door grooving along as traditional Bollywood music filled the tank.

“That’s the best intro so far,” guest shark Rohan Oza said as Patel ripped open his shirt to reveal a black Bolly X tee.

The music, seen in countless Indian films, is “full of dancing and music that makes you feel like a rock star,” Patel breathlessly exclaimed as he pantomimed several poses to the sharks. “What if we can combine the fun, the energy, the excitement of Bollywood into a workout?”

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