Search intensifies for 3 missing inside abandoned West Virginia coal mine
12th December 2018

Three people are missing deep inside an abandoned coal mine about 52 miles southeast of Charleston, West Virginia. A fourth person, 43-year-old Eddie Williams, emerged on Monday.

Williams, said to be in good condition, is now helping authorities locate the others. Conditions for 21-year-old Cody Beverly, 25-year-old Kayla Williams and 31-year-old Erica Treadway are unknown.

Rescue workers have been pumping out water and fresh air into the coal mine, which has been inactive for two years. Authorities don’t know how they ended up there, but they are hoping to rescue them to get an answer.

“I just didn’t know what to think I couldn’t believe she went in there. It’s just mind boggling, you know. I just know how dangerous it is,” said Tyler Treadway, Erica Treadway’s brother.

Rescue workers have been working round the clock in teams of four. But the search has hampered by rough terrain, heavy snow and water blocking one of the mine’s entrances.

Gov. Jim Justice traveled to meet with the families of the missing.

“Usually these things end up not very good, so we’ve got to do some real heavy lifting to get to some good outcomes here, but we’ve got some good signs too,” he said. “Let’s just cling to that and hope and pray it works out.”

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