Scott Disick ‘Grateful’ That Kourtney Kardashian Allowed Sofia Richie To Join Their Family Vacation
25th December 2018

Scott Disick is so thankful that ex Kourtney Kardashian allowed his GF Sofia Richie to vacation with them on a pre-holiday trip to Mexico. We’ve got details on why she allowed it to happen.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans know that Kourtney, 39, and ex Scott Disick, 35, have managed to do a great job at co-parenting their three kids. His 20-year-old girlfriend Sofia Richie has been in on Scott’s time with the children, but we never knew how okay with it Kourt was until pics emerged of the three of them beachside on a pre-Christmas holiday vacay to Mexico. The Lord laid on a lounge chair with the mother of his kids on one side, and his young squeeze on the other…..and they were both rocking sexy bikinis. So how did he pull this off?

“Scott had to ask Kourtney’s permission to have Sofia along on the family holiday vacation and he was surprised that she said OK. Scott is loving being with the kids, having Kourtney with him while also having his girlfriend with him too. He feels like he is having the best of both worlds, the two women he loves and is most attracted to in the world, together with him for the holidays. He is happy and feels grateful that Kourtney is being mature, tolerant and kind to his girlfriend Sofia,” a source close to Scott tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“It has been Sofia’s dream to build a better relationship with Kourtney from the beginning and she couldn’t be happier now that they’ve bonded on a whole new level. Sofia really didn’t want to put Scott in the middle, but she had been pleading with him for months and months to help bridge the gap between herself and Kourtney. Sofia really made an effort to win Kourtney over by just being herself, proving to Kourtney how much she cares about her children, and about Scott,” a second insider tells us EXCLUSIVELY.

Kourtney and Scott’s sons Mason, nine, and Reign, four, both turned their respective ages on Dec. 14. While Mason got his own Fortnite themed party with his pals, Scott and Sofia were a world away on a trip to Saudi Arabia. They missed Mason’s big day, and weren’t there at a party for Reign and cousin Saint West, three, as they shared a joint Tarzan-themed party on Dec. 1, as Kim Kardashian‘s only son turned his age on Dec. 5.

“This trip was all about Mason and Saint and celebrating their birthdays and they both love nothing more than having their parents together so Kourtney put her own feelings aside to do what she felt was best for her kids,” a third Kardashian source tells us. “It’s a big step forward for her and Scott though. She has proven that she’s willing to be the bigger person. And the trip is doing wonders for her relationship with Sofia. Kourtney is a little shocked by how well her and Sofia have been getting along. Sofia has been so sweet and really making an effort with Kourtney. This trip has turned into a big bonding experience for them and Scott couldn’t be happier about it.”

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