Scorned lover shames ‘cheating’ partner with bright red graffiti on Mercedes
5th July 2022

A man was left raging after a former flame graffitied 'CHEATER' across his beloved Mercedes – in bright red paint for all to see.

Unassumingly, the man from Melbourne, Australia, stepped outside his door yesterday (4 July) thinking none the wiser.

Well, that was until his eyes laid upon the brightly written allegation scrawled across his car.

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And it wasn't long until word caught on around his neighbourhood that the unnamed man had been up to no good.

Passers-by mocked the bloke for having been accused of a sordid affair as he car had now been victim in the crossfire of a broken heart.

One even quipped that he had "p***ed off" the wrong woman.

In snaps taken on the vehicle, the word 'liar' was spray-painted in large letters on the drivers side of the Mercedes-Benz ML320.

On the passenger side, the culprit scrawled the word 'cheater' across the car to really make sure their point was heard.

But the artistic revenge did not stop there.

They also painted across the bonnet of the car: "All men R trash."

Red-faced, the fella hopped into his car and drove away most likely to get the accusations scrubbed off of his car, Pedestrian TV reported.

The chap with the questionable paint job is not the only one caught up in a cheating scandal.

A woman took to Twitter to share her unfortunate story about a lad she was dating – and it certainly did not end well.

She realised that he was being unfaithful and would leave hers for another bonking session with another woman.

But, the savagery does not stop there.

In a true British plot twist, the woman found out that the lad had not only been cheating but he had also been stealing her teabags – and drinking a cuppa with the 'other' babe.

How brutal!


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