Sarah Ferguson Just Went Against Queen Elizabeth In a Major Way With Her Support of 'The Crown'
26th January 2021

The royal family has always been quiet about what really goes on behind closed doors. Through the years, though, we’ve learned more and more about how the family operates. Royals such as Princess Diana and Meghan Markle have come forward and actually done interviews about what royal life is like, while other sources close to the Palace have provided the public with an inside look.

Netflix’s The Crown goes inside life behind the Palace walls, and Queen Elizabeth has reportedly not been a fan of Netflix highlighting the royals’ lives for profit. Still, Sarah Ferguson, who was once married to Prince Andrew, seemed to have a different opinion of the show.

Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ ruffled some feathers within the royal family

The royal family typically doesn’t speak out on many controversial issues. And when Netflix decided to turn British royal history into a show, the royals — especially Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip — reportedly were not happy about it.

The show reveals the ins and outs of the royal family, and it highlights the negative side of the spotlight and how the family’s perfect persona differs from who they truly are. According to Marie Claire, Prince Philip once called the show “ridiculous” and isn’t a fan — and neither is the queen. There have been rumors that Netflix is on the outs with the royal family because of their decision to tell the royals’ stories.

Sarah Ferguson praised ‘The Crown’ for its coverage of her wedding to Prince Andrew

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Philip and the Queen aren’t The Crown’s biggest supporters. After all, the show portrayed Prince Charles in quite a negative light in its most recent season, which details his troubled marriage to Princess Diana.

Still, it doesn’t appear that all royals hate the show. It turns out Sarah Ferguson watches The Crown — or, at the very least, the parts that include her. In an interview with Us Weekly, “Fergie” revealed her true thoughts on the streaming hit.

“I thought it was filmed beautifully,” she said. “The cinematography was excellent.” Fergie also noted that she was thankful her nuptials to Prince Andrew were included. “I loved the way they put my wedding in as well.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also don’t seem to hate ‘The Crown’

The queen and Philip might not be fans, and Princess Diana’s father once revealed to TV host Alan Titchmarsh that he wasn’t a fan, either — but it appears that not everyone related to the royal family dislikes the show. As it turns out, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle signed a Netflix deal as one of their first business endeavors after leaving the family and moving to the United States.

The queen supposedly wasn’t happy with the couple’s decision to work with the streaming service because of its connection to The Crown, but while it remains unclear whether Harry and Meghan actually watch, they certainly don’t seem to take much offense to the production, since they’re willing to work with its creator company.  

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