Sarah Ferguson is spotted leaving Scott's restaurant in Mayfair
23rd February 2023

A riot of colour! Fergie is elegant in an eye-catching scarf and gem-studded hairband as she leaves dinner at Scott’s in Mayfair

  • Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, 63, was spotted leaving high end restaurant in London 
  • Wearing black dress and blaser, she draped herself in  a colourful shawl 
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Draped in her finest shawl, Sarah Ferguson looked relaxed as she was spotted leaving Scott’s in Mayfair last night. 

Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, 63, counted amongst the select group of dinners who enjoyed their evening at the establishment, which also included Elizabeth Hurley. 

Dressed in a simple black dress she paired with a navy studded blazer and black and white platform trainers, the grandmother-of-two added some pizzazz to the look with a colourful scarf she wrapped around her shoulders. 

As she made her way home goodie-bag in hand, Sarah, who is commonly known as Fergie, was all smiles and seemed to have not a care in the world. 

But her outing comes amid reports that her ex-husband the Duke of York fears losing the home they share in Windsor – while Fergie’s plush Belgravia flat may have been bought by her daughters. 

Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, 63, who is commonly known as Fergie, looked relaxed as she was spotted leaving Scott’s in central London last night

Fergie kept her outfit simple, wearing a short black dress with opaque tights and a navy blaser with studded lapels. 

The grandmother-of-two, who is expecting her third grandchild this spring, chose comfort with a pair of black trainers from Charlotte Olympia with a thick white platform. 

The whimsical shoes were adorned with a cat’s face, complete with whiskers.  

Known for her showmanship when it comes to fashion, Fergie wrapped up in a large colourful shawl in primary colours, which added a punch to her otherwise understate outfit. 

She paired it with a small £35 Elizabeth Scarlett bag cosmetic bag adorned with golden suns.

Her copper tresses were pushed back in a long straight blow-dry, and Fergie added a touch of bling with a headband studded with red and green gems, and a pair of small diamond hoop earrings. 

The stylish author wore a simple makeup,  with a dash of blush adding definition to her rosy complexion, and some eyeliner bringing drama to her eyes. 

While she looked relaxed during her outing, Sarah’s night in Mayfair comes as the Mail on Sunday reported over the weekend that the mother-of-two was gifted her £4.25 million flat in Belgravia by her daughters, after it emerged she cannot sell the property without written consent from Beatrice and Eugenie.

Dressed in a simple black dress she paired with a navy studded blaser and black and white platform trainers, the grandmother-of-two added some pizzazz to the look with a colourful scarf she wrapped around her arms

The grandmother-of-two was carrying a small cosmetic bag from Elizabeth Scarlett and a small red goodie-bag 

Fergie wore a studded headband and diamond jewellery for her outing. She sported a dash of makeup to compliment her healthy glow 

In contrast, it has been suggested this weekend that Prince Andrew, who celebrated his 63rd birthday this week, has less reason to be in a chipper mood after the Daily Mail reported he fears his older brother King Charles is trying to force him out of his £30 million Windsor home.

The newspaper reported the Duke of York has told friends he is unlikely to be able to maintain upkeep of the home without receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds every year from the King.

When the Duke was hit by bombshell allegations of sexual abuse in 2019 (which he continues to deny) he stepped down from being a working royal and therefore no longer received public funds.

Instead, he relied on the generosity of his late mother who supported him with private funds from the Duchy of Lancaster. The sum has been reported to have been approximately £249,000 per year. 

The Duke of York’s ex-wife looked relaxed as she prepared to go home to her Belgravia flat from her night out  

Sarah added a touch of whimsy with trainers from Charlotte Olympia that were decorated with cats’ eyes and whiskers 

However in the last few weeks, the King has reportedly asked all members of the royal family to tighten their belts and to expect less money from the Duchy – now owned by Charles – than in the past.

People close to the Duke told the newsaper he feels particularly hard done by amid his brother’s announcement as his only other income is a small Navy pension.

One friend said: ‘It feels as though his brother wishes to evict him.’

Another source said: ‘He’s not being explicitly kicked out but it’s expected that he won’t be able to afford the maintenance.

‘Royal Lodge has a swimming pool, 98 acres of land and is already in need of some repair.’

Another friend said: ‘They’ve been told their subsidy, vital for maintaining Royal Lodge, will be cut as soon as April.’

After Andrew spent millions of pounds reaching a no-fault settlement with Virginia Giuffre, who had accused him of sexual abuse when she was a teenager, friends suggested he may consider a move to the US to pursue commercial opportunities similar to Harry and Meghan’s new ventures.  

Elizabeth Hurley, dressed in a fetching black coat and pink sweater, was also seen leaving the restaurant with a friend 

However, where the Duke may raise concerns he will be out of pocket without money from the Duchy of Lancaster, others have argued he would have received a not-insignificant inheritance from his parents, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.  

Meanwhile the Mail on Sunday reported today that Andrew’s ex-wife Fergie, 63, who moved into a £4.25 million flat in Belgravia last year, would not be able to sell the lavish pad without written consent from her daughters. 

The deeds also reveal the Duchess, who once described herself as ‘continually on the brink of bankruptcy’, paid £4.25 million outright without need of a mortgage.

A legal source told the newspaper that the restriction in the deed suggested that her daughters may have stumped up the funds. 

The source further explained: ‘But it also could mean that whoever purchased the property wants to make sure that her daughters ultimately benefit from it.

‘Usually a restriction like this one is needed to stop conmen taking advantage of vulnerable elderly relatives and selling their house from under them when they are in a care home, but I don’t think that applies in this case.’

A source close to the Duchess declined to comment on what they described as a ‘private matter’, however they noted Fergie’s success with her novel releases as a potential explanation for financial fortunes.

The source said: ‘She has bought it very much as a nest egg for the girls so it does not surprise me at all that she has put that kind of provision in.’ 

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