S-Town Podcast Star Tyler Goodson Killed In Standoff with Police
5th December 2023

Goodson, a central figure in the S-Town podcast, reportedly posted "Police bout to shoot me down in my own yard" to Facebook before his death.

Tyler Goodson, a man featured on the wildly popular S-Town podcast, has died following a police standoff.

The New York Times broke the news of his death, reporting he died Sunday after allegedly barricading himself inside a home in Woodstock, Alabama. According to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, there was a standoff at the home between Goodson, 32, and a “multitude of law enforcement officers from various agencies” — with Goodson getting shot after he “brandished a gun at officers.”

He died of his injuries; no other details have been released at this time. According to the AP, the ALEA is reviewing the shooting and will turn its findings over to the Bibb County district attorney.

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According to CBS42, Goodson took to Facebook around 1:39am on Sunday and posted, “Police bout to shoot me down in my own yard.”

“Tyler was loved by myself, my family and many members of the community and he was out there on a podcast years ago and had many people who loved him,” Mayor Jeff Dodson told WBRC. “It’s a devastating situation for the community. Tough situation for all of us.”

“I think depression is a tough thing, and I think we’ve all gone through those things. I think it was tough for Tyler, sometimes you can’t get no rest,” he continued.

“We all want answers. We all want details and I have some I want for myself and so I’m just asking the public to continue to pray for his family, father, son, brother, so just continue them in your prayers,” he concluded.

Per CBS42, Goodson is believed to have five children.

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Goodson rose to prominence thanks to the 2017 podcast S-Town, from This American Life.

The series revolved around another Woodstock resident, John B. McLemore, who referred to his hometown as the podcast title. Goodson was featured heavily in the series and referred to McLemore as a father figure in it.

The podcast took a pretty shocking twist when McLemore took his own life by drinking cyanide. After his friend’s death, Goodson was arrested for burglary and theft after taking items from McLemore’s property; while he pleaded guilty, he maintained the items.

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