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14th March 2023

DEAR DEIDRE: A GIRL I really like often leaves my messages on “delivered” for an hour or so, even though I know she is active on her phone.

When she messages me I always get straight back to her.

But the fact that she takes her time with me surely means she isn’t as keen on me as I am on her?

We shared a kiss last week and got on so well but now I’m worried that I may get hurt by her.

I am a 23-year-old female while she is 24.

I don’t want to block her yet because that feels a bit extreme but I do struggle when she ignores me.

What do you advise?

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DEIDRE SAYS:  Your anxiety comes from a fear the girl you like has lost interest.

She may not be able to talk or simply doesn’t want to at that time.

Try to busy yourself with your own activities instead of watching your phone.

Social media companies deliberately design their systems to be addictive.

The “delivered” and “read” status updates are part of this.

The documentary The Social Dilemma explains this brilliantly and is worth watching.


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