‘Real Housewives’ Star Bethenny Frankel Gets Engaged With $1 Million Ring
24th March 2021

Bethenny Frankel was spotted wearing an absolutely massive ring a few days ago, sparking engagement rumors, and it has just be confirmed that those rumors, are in fact true. Hollywood producer Paul Bernon has just taken their relationship to the next level in a very big way. Bethenny wasn’t just rocking a new ring, she happens to have a whopping $1 million stone on her finger. Jewelers have weighed in to assess the images of the enormous engagement ring and the general consensus is that the value of this precious piece of jewelry far exceeds that of the average stone. Page Six has a lot to say about just how elaborate this ring really is….

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Getting engaged is an exciting time for everyone that is lucky enough to experience this milestone moment, and it’s an exceptionally fabulous time when you’re Bethenny Frankel. It’s not often that the engagement ring is as lavishly created as this one is, and she’s wasting no time at all showing it off to the world.

Rumors first began to swirl when Frankel was spotted wearing the gigantic ring on the beach, and the most shocking part of it all is that she wasn’t even trying to make a spectacle of her flashy new gift.

The ring is so big that it’s tough to miss, and judging by the feedback of independent jewelers, Paul Bernon has definitely declared his love in a very big way.

It’s reported that this stunning three-stone engagement ring has a center stone that is estimated to be 8-10 carats. It’s described as being an emerald cut center stone that has a smaller diamond on either side of it. Apeksha Kothari, from Rare Carat, told Page Six reporters that the two smaller diamonds are also emerald cut and are estimated to be “roughly 3 carats in total.” Kothari went on to say; “If it’s a real, natural diamond, I’d estimate its retail value at up to $1 million.”

This ring has caused quite a media stir, with various outlets reporting different valuations. Daily Mail reported on the ring as being a $3 million, 20 carat diamond, while other outlets are falling somewhere within the $1 million to $3 million range when estimating its true value.

Only Bethenny and Bernon know for sure, but regardless of the semantics, most would agree this is a wildly expensive engagement rings that has turned heads, and will continue doing so for quite some time. The couple began dating in 2018, and split briefly in 2020. They united again in 2021, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Page Six

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