Raquel Leviss Made $350,000 For Vanderpump Despite Bethenny Frankel’s Claims She’s Paid Less Than Interns
5th September 2023

Rachel Leviss raked in substantial earnings during the previous season of “Vanderpump Rules,” as per information obtained by TMZ. This contradicts Bethenny Frankel’s assertion that Rachel earned less than her interns, which appears to be baseless.

Insiders well-versed in the matter have informed the outlet that Rachel made over $350,000 for her participation in the show’s 10th season. This impressive sum translates to nearly $20,000 per episode, encompassing a total of 19 episodes, clearly showcasing that it was far from an insignificant amount.

This comes a few weeks after Bethenny Frankel claimed that Raquel was paid les than her interns.

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On Wednesday, August 16, during iHeartRadio’s “ReWives” podcast, Frankel, 52, informed Leviss, 28, “It occurs to me that you are the villain. Ariana [Madix] is the hero. Tom is another character who doesn’t take the hit as much as you in this scandal of all.”

“But you’re right, the realm is making a lot of money and now it took three of you in a recipe to create the scandal,” the reality veteran went on.

The former cast member of The Real Housewives of New York City holds the view that Leviss should have received a more substantial compensation, given her affair with Tom Sandoval, 41, which generated considerable media attention and led to increased ratings for the show.

“As people who are partially produced … Let’s just say that it’s real in a very unreal circumstance. So now you have one of the three characters that can’t even afford to pay for your treatment that you just went through,” Bethenny went on. “Because it’s my understanding that you get paid in a year less than my interns get paid.”

She was referring to alluding to Leviss’ period at a mental health facility following the conclusion of Vanderpump’s 10th season.

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Frankel’s comment took Leviss by surprise, but Leviss claimed that Bravo producers had actually encouraged her to bring drama on screen.

What’s clear, however, is the Vanderpump cast makes a significant income, given Raquel’s six figure income last season. It’s also been reported that some cast members, specifically Ariana, have seen an increase in their revenue from social media thank to the attention around Scandoval – Raquel and Tom’s infamous affair.

With ratings through the roof for the long-time reality show, it wouldn’t be surprising if the cast sees an increase in pay during the upcoming season.

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