Queen’s nickname for diamond brooch worth over £50 million and who owns it now
29th September 2022

With their dazzling crowns, breathtaking engagement rings and stunning tiaras,the royals are known for having a jewellery collection that most of us could only ever dream of.

And prior to her tragic passing earlier this month, the lateQueen Elizabeth II was the owner of an incredible diamond brooch which was widely known to be the most valuable of its type in the world.

Made up of two giant diamonds – called the Cullinan III and the Cullinan IV – the monarch only wore the accessory a handful of times during her record-breaking reign, making each time a sight to remember when she did.

According to jewellery experts, the brooch is likely to be worth more than £50 million given that the Culian III weighs 94.4 carats and the Cullivan IV weighs 63.6 carats.

If this figure is correct, the item would be the most expensive brooch in the world.

But if that wasn’t enough, besides coming with a hefty price tag, the piece of jewellery also comes with a very significant historic connection, too.

Prior to owning being in Elizabeth II's hands, the brooch was passed down from generation after being gifted to King Edward VIII.

The gems then made their way to Queen Elizabeth II’s grandmother Queen Mary who first wore the gift at her coronation in 1911.

Then, shortly before her own coronation, the late monarch was gifted the diamonds when she was just 27 years old.

As a result, Queen Elizabeth II sweetly nicknamed the sentimental item and is known to have referred to it as being ‘Granny’s Chips’ in reference to her beloved grandmother.

Meanwhile some have speculated that the nickname is yet another example of the late monarch’s sense of humour, with ‘chips’ insinuating that the rather large diamonds are small compared to other diamonds that were cut from the same source.

Following her death, some royal fans have questioned what will happen to the incredible piece of jewellery, given thatmany members of the family were seen wearing pieces Queen Elizabeth II had gifted them to her state funeral.

Unfortunately, royal wills are kept private so it’s not yet known who will inherit which pieces of the Queen’s jewellery collection, though we may see the royals continue to wear sentimental items in coming months.

However, royal experts have said that as Queen Consort,Camilla is expected to get the first choice of items from the collection, while Kate Middleton will also get a hefty share.

“I imagine Her late Majesty's personal jewellery will be given to various members of her family. The Princess of Wales as the future Queen receiving the lion's share,” Majesty Magazine editor-in-chief Ingrid Seward toldMailOnline.

“I imagine Her late Majesty's personal jewellery will be given to various members of her family. The Princess of Wales as the future Queen receiving the lion's share.

“There are pieces which will remain for use of the reigning monarch's wife – in this case Camilla. She will need a large collection to support her constitutional role.”


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