Princess Anne body language with Prince Charles and Camilla shows ‘growing bond’
1st July 2020

Princess Anne, 69, is a senior working member of the Royal Family. She is the younger sister of Prince Charles, 71, and sister-in-law Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, 72. A body language expert has taken a look into their relationship.


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Princess Anne and Prince Charles will often appear at royal events together to support the monarch.

They are the royal siblings closest in age, but body language expert Judi James explained why they have their differences.

She told “Charles grew up sandwiched between two remarkable women.

“Both his mother and his sister are hard-working, strong and stoic, with no outward signs of emotions like anxiety or self-doubt.

“Charles on the other hand has always shown signals that suggest self-pity and inner anguish.”

Both royals have always had different interests, according to the expert.

She continued: “Growing up he and Anne perfectly defined the chalk-and-cheese sibling relationship, with Charles suffering through his school years while Anne just got on with things.

“As Charles adopted a more academic approach to the life of a future King, Anne became a successful, no-nonsense sportswoman alongside her regular royal duties.”

While Princess Anne may not be the closest with her brother, it has not impacted her relationship with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Not only are they both part of the Royal Family, Princess Anne briefly dated Camilla’s ex-husband.

Many years before Camilla married her first husband Andrew Parker Bowles, Princess Anne had a short romance with him.

However, their body language suggests there is no tension between the royals.


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Judi continued: “Their touch rituals in public are telling. One meeting at a racecourse shows both women wearing what look like delighted smiles and eye contact.

“Anne has extended one hand palm-up, which Camilla has then placed her own hand over in a sign of affection.

“The affection isn’t one-sided either, Anne’s fingers are curled up around Camilla’s thumb in a reciprocal gesture.”

Their body language suggests a good friendship, Judi added.

“Anne has never shown signs of being particularly close to her brother Charles,” the expert explained.

“However, she does seem to share a natural friendship that could even border on a daughter/mother bond with Camilla.”

While Princess Anne and her brother have had their differences in the past, Judi explained why this might be changing.

She continued: “”There were very little if any relationship-defining poses of the pair over the years, although recently there have been clues that suggest they might have been becoming closer.

“Anne and Charles will probably never be the closest brother and sister.

“However, they are beginning to look as though shared goals in terms of their love and sense of duty to their mother and a desire to sustain the image of the royal firm have brought them closer together.”

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