Prince William and Kate Middleton Hold a Secret Meeting at Kensington Palace
14th October 2019

Prince William and Kate Middleton hosted a very special guest at Kensington Palace this week. American billionaire Bill Gates joined the couple in their home in London, though their meeting was not on the official schedule. Instead, the three met in private, with Gates’s presence later noted in the Court Circular, a record of all the engagements held by members of the royal family.

Why did Prince William and Kate Middleton meet with Gates?

As it turns out, Gates’s arrival in London had something todo with Prince William and Middleton’s main charitable arm, The RoyalFoundation.

According to HelloMagazine, the Microsoft founder met with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridgeas a potential donor to their charity. As head of the Bill and Melinda GatesFoundation, Gates has donated well over $30 billion to charitable organizationsaround the world.

It is unclear if Gates plans on giving funds to The RoyalFoundation, but he would definitely be a great addition to the team. Unfortunately,Prince William and Middleton have not commented on his visit, so it is stillunclear what was discussed.

The Royal Foundation was founded in 2009 by Prince William and his younger brother, Prince Harry. Middleton joined the organization in 2011 after marrying Prince William, while Meghan Markle became a patron last year.

The secret meeting, meanwhile, comes shortly after PrinceWilliam and Middleton removed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from The RoyalFoundation entirely.

Prince Harry and Markle ditch The Royal Foundation

Back in May, Prince Harry and Markle confirmed that theywere planning on leaving The Royal Foundation so that they could focus on theirown projects.

Fast forward to this week, and the move has finallyhappened. Prince William and Middleton just removed the Sussexes names from TheRoyal Foundation’s website, officially severing them from the organization.

From this point on, the Cambridges will be leading the charge when it comes to The Royal Foundation and are planning on championing five causes: nature conservation, youth services, child development, mental health, and the military.

While they are no longer partnering in the same charity, thecouples are still open to working together in the future.

In fact, they recently teamed up for a short film on behalfof the Every Mind Matters campaign. The clip included appearances from PrinceWilliam, Middleton, Prince Harry, and Markle – reuniting the Fab Four for thefirst time in years.

The special aired on all major networks in the U.K. and theroyals are hoping it will help encourage people to be more open about mentalhealth. Apart from the Fab Four, the video featured several celebrities,including Glenn Close, Gillian Anderson, Freddie Flintoff, and Davina McCall.

What’s ahead for Prince Harry and Markle?

While Prince William and Middleton are clearly forgingahead, Prince Harry and Markle are looking to do the same.

This summer, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced plans to launch a new charitable organization called Sussex Royal, The Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Their new organization will still work with Prince Williamand Middleton on mental health initiatives, including their Heads Togetherprogram.

Outside of that, the two are expected to continue some ofthe projects they started while they were still with The Royal Foundation. Thisincludes Prince Harry’s Invictus Games and Markle’s cookbook for the community.

While revamping their company’s website, Prince William andMiddleton removed the former actress’s Empowering Communities project,something she will likely continue with her new charity.

Markle and Prince Harry, of course, recently returned homeafter their ten-day tour of South Africa. The pair visited a number ofdifferent locations in the region and worked with several charities along theway.

The trip also marked their first as a family of three. The two brought along their baby boy, Archie Harrison, who ended up making a few appearances along the way.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle nor Prince William and Kate Middletonhave not commented on their removal from The Royal Foundation’s website, but wecannot wait to see what is in store for them in the coming months.

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