Pregnant plus size star shows ‘real’ bump after not having ‘perfectly round’ tum
14th June 2022

A pregnant plus size influencer has candidly opened up about how she feels expecting a baby as a ‘larger’ woman after feeling she doesn’t have a ‘perfect round’ bump like 'smaller' women do.

Brunette beauty Megan Kim, 25, often posts uplifting content to her 26,000 Instagram followers – including sexy snaps of her curvy body.

But in her most recent post, the influencer, who is just about 21 weeks gone, has shared that she has struggled not seeing many pregnant people ‘look’ the same as her.

Megan has found online that she often sees ‘smaller’ and ‘thinner’ women with petite rounded baby bumps – but not showing stretch marks, spots and weight gain like she has experienced..

So the babe has now declared, “not every pregnancy looks the same '' as she posted side by side snaps of her in some sexy leopard print undies.

On the left side, Megan smiled as she posed in the mirror with the animal print knickers covering the lowest part of her bump

And, in the right hand photo, the influencer still grinned as she pulled the pants down to reveal all of her pregnant tum.

The mum-to-be then wrote a lengthy caption and explained: “Sometimes it’s hard not to compare yourself to others – and I’ve certainly found that true during pregnancy.

“I’ve seen a lot of ‘thinner/ smaller’ women show their pregnancy bodies – and I’m following a few on their journey now.

“I haven’t seen many people who look like me, and I remember googling “plus size woman pregnancy” when I found out I was pregnant so I could see what I might look like later on.

“Will I have a normal bump? What happens if I don’t have a flat stomach? What am I going to look like? Will I have a B bump or a D bump?” she questioned.

Megan shared that she noticed she doesn’t look like other women with what are seen as ‘perfect’ bumps – but she is absolutely fine with it!

She said: “Sometimes I can feel a bit meh when I see these other woman looking basically the same with these small perfect round bumps and I’m like loool I do not look like that.

“I don’t have a round bump, I’m getting more stretch marks daily, I’ve gained weight everywhere and I’m more spotty then ever (but it’s okay!)

“Sometimes I look like I’m pregnant, sometimes I look like I’ve just gained some weight.

“Anyway – this is me at 20+6 weeks. Over half way now.

“I’m here to show that pregnant bodies look different on everyone, and say that it's okay to struggle a bit with a changing body. It’s a lot to take in!

“I do feel confident most days, but some days I still struggle and that’s okay”, Megan noted.

Inspired by her honesty, many people fled to the comments to praise Megan for showing the ‘real’ side of pregnancy.

One person commented: “THIS post!! Your body is creating another life & YOU are amazing! This message is so important.”

Another user added: “You are gorgeous.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “All bumps are beautiful.”

Someone else praised: “What you’re sharing is honestly so important, I’ve googled plus-size pregnancies too and even then it’s hard to find!”

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