Police officer becomes internet star after gaining 34k followers in two days
4th September 2020

A police officer has become a huge hit on social media after sharing sexy snaps.

Ana Maria Arias works at the Bogota Police Department in Colombia.

And since she started sharing stunning photos of herself, her following has massively increased.

In just two days, Ana scooped a whopping 34,000 followers on Instagram.

Pictures show the cop, whose age was not given, modelling for selfies in hot poses while smiling at the camera.

Some show the sexy police officer wearing tops with plunging necklines and pants to accentuate her figure.

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Since posting the snaps on her social media, thousands of fans have rushed to comment on the pictures.

One said: "What a beauty!"

Another asked: "Arrest me, my love."

A third joked: "The Divine Law."

Local media reports there was no statement on what her colleagues say about her social media profile.

Or what they think of the usage of police uniform on some of her images.

In one of the pictures, Ana appears to wear a motorcycle cop outfit complete with a helmet.

And in another, the beauty has a fluorescent yellow vest on with the police logo pixellated out and with the helmet removed.

Since her rise to fame, Ana decided to remove photos of which she posed with the uniform, it has been reported.

Ana has over 165,000 followers on her Instagram account.

She shares snaps of her stunning physique in the most sexiest poses.

The stunning cop works in Bogota, which is Colombia's capital city.

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