Pokemon fans could be sitting on a fortune as popular card is worth £1.3million
18th May 2022

Collecting Pokemon cards is one thing most of us cherish from our childhoods.

While many of us would have been die-hard fans, others collected it for the sake of it.

But did you know that some of those cards could be worth a lot of money?

According to Money.co.uk, the Pikachu cards are currently the most valuable Pokemon card in the world.

The "Japanese Old Back Pokémon Trophy Card NO.2 Neo Spring Battle PSA 9 Pikachu", listed for an eye-watering £1,352,814 online.

In second position is "PSA 10 Trophy Kangaskhan Parent & Child Tournament 1998".

This card centred around Kangaskhan, is worth around £395,000, over three times less than the Pikachu card in first place.

Placing third is the "Machamp 1st Edition Base Set Holographic Pokemon Card PSA Unconfirmed".

The Machamp card is valued at a colossal £30,000. However, this is still 98% less than the Pikachu card in first place.

Rounding off the top 10 is "PSA 8 Mint Japanese Kabutops Pokemon Card – Perfect Backpack Swirl – Fossil Holo", worth £5,000.

The card values around 270 times less than the top Pikachu card.

Florence Codjoe, finance expert at Money.co.uk, provided her top tips for those considering buying Pokemon cards.

She said: "Before thinking about buying (or in fact selling your own) Pokemon cards, there are some things to consider."

First of all, collectors must understand the basic indicators of quality.

Black symbols in the bottom corner of the cards indicate their rarity, while a circle is common and a diamond uncommon.

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It's also worth comparing prices across sellers or on websites like Amazon or eBay.

Collectors must remember hidden costs like shipping fees, taxes on sales and the amount it takes to keep it in "mint" condition.

Maintaining rare and valuable cards is essential to ensuring its value if you want to resell in the future.

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