Plus-Sized Models Take Time Square To Blast Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
9th December 2018

Recently, N.Y.C.’s Time Square treated passersby with “the real catwalk” experience where anyone, regardless of body shape, age or gender, was welcome to participate in a “flash mob” lingerie show that celebrates body positivity and acceptance.

Victoria’s Secret lingerie events are notorious for performances from the hottest music stars, amazing luxurious locations, celebrities in attendance, massive bedazzled wings, and oh yeah, super thin and super beautiful supermodels as well.

Fox News reported that Khrystyana Kazakova, a former contestant from the hit reality show America’s Next Top Model, recently hosted her second annual event, “The Real Catwalk” which welcomes the public, without limitations, to participate. Kazakova, who is a plus-size model, said that the super exclusive lingerie event put on by lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret made her feel “horrible.” After speaking with her friends, she realized that she wasn’t alone and that many people feel unattractive after watching the show. Soon after, the idea for a body-positive response to the vs lingerie show was born to Kazakova.

The Siberian native, 33, now lives in N.Y.C. full-time and is on a mission to spread the message of body positivity far and wide. In fact, Kazakova’s idea, “The Real Catwalk” events have been hosted in South Africa, England, Texas, Massachusetts, California, and even Italy. In regards to the recent N.Y.C. show in Times Square, Kazakova was quick to mention that even though the show was a response to the VS lingerie show, in no way is “The Real Catwalk” closed off to anyone, including vs Angels.

“Celebrating one type of beauty that’s very Euro-centric… it becomes difficult to exercise confidence,” said Kazakova. “If a Victoria’s Secret model wants to walk “The Real Catwalk”, it would be awesome.”

Over 200 models took part at the event in Times Square, having previously signed up simply via Instagram or WhatsApp. Body positivity supporters were not the only ones who came out to stand behind the event. Plus-size brands such as King Size, Swimsuits for All, Roaman’s and Woman Within got involved and donated clothing items and bathing suits to the models. Before taking to the Times Square catwalk, the volunteer models received VIP treatment, enjoying mimosas and gourmet breakfasts before their debut.

“Honey, there is NO path to be a sexy angel,” Kazakova wrote on her Instagram. “No clothes or lingerie to buy for you to become this one specific goddess… No, you don’t need to buy anything to become somebody else’s secret.”

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