Playboy model offered £30k by concerned fan to stop getting plastic surgery
27th September 2020

A stunning Playboy model claims she's been offered a lot of money to not go under the knife again.

Earlier this year, Jenna Bentley put her huge decision in the hands of Daily Star readers.

As the star couldn't decide whether to get plastic surgery to enlarge her 32DDD breasts, we conducted a poll to help her.

Hundreds of you voted and over 80% said they didn't want Jenna to go through with it, claiming her boobs were perfect as they are.

The Playmate, who has 796,000 followers on Instagram, has also received comments from followers who don't want her to change.

One fan is so determined to present further procedures that they've offered her an eye-watering £30,000 to not go through with the surgery.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star Online, Jenna said: "One of my fans who is subscribed to my OnlyFans sent me a message explaining he saw the poll and is disappointed that Im thinking about making my breasts bigger.

"He reckons my body is amazing and says he'll do anything to convince me not to do the surgery.

"He feels so strongly about it that he's willing to pay me £30,000 at the end of this month if I promise not to have more cosmetic surgery.

"Over the past year, he has tipped thousands of dollars on OnlyFans and is my top spender, but this is the highest amount he's ever offered, he's very generous.

"That money is probably one of the highest cash tips ever on OnlyFans – I'm a lucky girl."

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Although Jenna's fan appreciates her boobs right now, she says he's willing to pay the money so she doesn't risk her health.

She added: "Like most guys, I'm sure he has a shallow side and loves looking at raunchy naked photos of me.

"However, he seems extremely worried about the dangers of me undergoing cosmetic surgery because there's always risks such as infections and complications.

"We speak every day on OnlyFans about many different subjects and over the past year he's grown very attached to me. He refers to me as his girlfriend and he tells me he's in love with me, so wants to pay the money to keep me safe."

While some might find the payment quite controlling or creepy, Jenna thinks it's sweet and plans to take the money.

She concluded: "Most guys only chat to me on OnlyFans when they want a conversation about sex.

"I think it's sweet and refreshing that this fan cares about my well-being and health instead of treating me like a sex object.

"Some people think I'm greedy for taking the money but it's money and he wants to spend it on me, I'm not going to stop him. He says I brighten up his life and he enjoys spoiling me with cash and gifts.

"At the end of the day, I can invest the £30,000 and put it to good use. Who knows maybe another generous fan will offer me even more to get my breasts enlarged! Hmm, a boob job bidding war, now that would be a lot of fun."

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