Pizza delivery man gobsmacked as randy punter adds ‘special request’ to order
29th September 2020

When ordering takeaways online, there’s usually an option to add “special requests” to your order.

It tends to be for delivery instructions – like using the side door or knocking instead of ringing the bell and waking the kids up.

But one randy punter decided to use the online form to make a very different request.

The customer, from the Czech Republic, asked the driver to arrive early for an X-rated reason.

After ordering a carbonara and triple cheese Hawaiian pizza, he told the takeaway employee to turn up ahead of schedule so he could catch him having sex.

His receipt note reads: “Call five minutes early, I’ll be having sex with my girlfriend.”

Clearly surprised by this sexual request, the delivery driver snapped a picture of the receipt.

It has since emerged on Reddit – and many poked fun at the over-excited punter.

One commenter remarked: “His hand will be too busy to open the door.”

Another said: “Looks like they have the whole porn script written out. Now we wait the five minutes.”

And a third added: “I hope he washes his hands before answering the door.”

Others joked that the man’s order was a big enough warning sign not to go to the house.

One Redditor laughed: “Hawaiian pizza, too. Why am I not surprised.”

A second commented: “Of course this guy gets pineapples on his pizza – he’s a clown!”

Another said: “Not just Hawaiian… triple cheese Hawaiian. Which I assume is like Hawaiian pizza but even more gross.”

And a fourth jibed: “Lies, people who eat pineapple on pizza (Hawaiian) don’t get laid.”

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