People share VERY unflattering cat photos
17th October 2020

Not feline their best! Owners share VERY unflattering photos of their cats – including one who found himself caught in the blinds

  • People from across globe shared amusing snaps under #unflatteringcatphotos
  • Amongst funniest photos includes one furry feline who got stuck in the blinds
  • Others were snapped posing on the sofa in rather uncompromising positions 

While owners may be biased and think they have the most beautiful bundle of fur, these unflattering photos suggest that even the cutest of cats have their bad days. 

People from across the globe have taken to an amusing Twitter thread under the hashtag #unflatteringcatphotos, to share some very unphotogenic snaps of their four-legged friends.

From uncompromising positions to dodgy angles and snarling faces, it’s unlikely these unattractive snaps made it onto Instagram.

There’s nothing like a quick photo when you’re caught off-guard – as this furry feline quickly found out

This pet owner, from the UK, captured the moment her furry feline got stuck in a rather unfortunate position 

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One pet lover captured this amusing shot and joked it was Meowsers’ Tinder profile picture

Willie’s owner did a great job at capturing her feline’s very unimpressed expression

Another person, from the UK, decided to contribute to the Twitter thread with a snap of his dearly departed Coco mid-laugh

One cat owner, from the US, apologised to her four-legged friend Lilly before posting this unflattering angle on social media

Another person, believed to be from the UK, decided to use their glasses to give the illusion of their cat having a very tiny head

Another person shared this unfortunately-timed snap alongside a caption which read: ‘Met a handsome stranger on today’s walk’

Jasmine, believed to be from the UK, caught her cat off guard. The result…this very shocked expression!

One person, from the US, shared a snap of her relaxed-looking cat Theo posing in a rather unflattering angle

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