People share photos of nostalgic items including VHS tapes
16th October 2020

Those were the days! Nostalgic snaps reveal how people entertained themselves before Netflix was invented – from video tapes to car cassette players

  • Reddit users from around the world shared images of childhood entertainment  
  • Among the posts are movies on VHS tapes, CD discs and Microsoft Windows XP
  • Recalls a time before social media and Netflix when there was less to do 

Between video streaming services and social media, there are countless ways for today’s teenagers to pass the time.

But these social media users remember what it was like before Netflix, when box set videos, mix tapes and car cassette players were all the rave.  

Reddit users from around the world have been sharing images of the things that kept them entertained as children and teenagers. 

Some of the best examples were rounded up by Bored Panda, including devices that were once staples in homes and schools. 

One person shared the welcome screen for now defunct Microsoft Windows XP, as they reflected on the years spent sharing a computer with their family.

Another sparked memories of watching documentaries at school with a photo of a television and video player on wheels. 

Bored Panda rounded up a selection of nostalgic viral images that show how technology has evolved, including now defunct Microsoft Windows XP on a shared computer 

Another individual contributed a photograph of a television and video cassette player on wheels that was once used for teaching purposes 

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A music lover contributed a photograph of a CD that had been carefully curated with their favourite songs 

One person sparked memories of removing car stereos to avoid having them stolen while the vehicle is parked 

Another person shared their collection of VHS tapes, admitting they still remember having to swap recordings halfway through watching Titanic 

A former student sparked memories from the Nineties, by sharing a photograph of a pencil with cartridges

One person remembered the trend for clear gadgets, as they rounded up a see-through telephone, computer and games console 

Another individual confessed they spent much of their childhood playing Space Cadet on their computer 

A gadget lover argued the Motorola Razr is still the ‘coolest’ mobile phone to have ever been created

One person shared a photograph reminiscing about the times they spent removing the ball from their computer mouse

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