‘People shame me for being an adult star – but it’s given me financial freedom’
16th September 2023

A mum who works as a glamour model has opened up about being judged.

Amanda Bredén started posting revealing pictures on Instagram in 2012.

But her big break came in 2021, when she uploaded a lip-sync video, which went viral with over 337,000 views.

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The busty blonde now has more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram – plus, she's raking in cash from selling her sexy snaps and videos online.

Talking about her career, the Swedish lass said: "From a young age, I was drawn to modelling.

"I recall being 12 when my friend and I playfully borrowed her mother's camera to capture our first modelling photos.

"As Instagram was making its debut, I joined a modelling group named Scandal Beauties.

"Participating in events and featuring in magazines boosted my social media presence.

"It wasn't long before my following grew exponentially, prompting me to establish my own venture and curate more intimate content."

Today, Amanda, who has a diploma in both personal training and nutrition, consistently engages with her fans through regular posts and has expanded her digital presence with a YouTube channel.

"My YouTube channel offers edgy content; think visits to the mall in a full latex outfit or partying in bold, adult-branded attire," she said.

Of course, being the talk of the cyber town has its challenges. Especially when your industry choice raises eyebrows.

"Slut-shaming is real," she remarked.

"But most of the criticism I get online lacks a solid basis.

"While content remains on the web indefinitely, it's essential to remember that intimacy is a natural part of life.

"My decision to capture it on camera has led to significant passive income, which has been transformative for me and my family. As this content continues to generate revenue, I've ventured into other business areas."

She continued: "My choice to step into adult entertainment is a choice.

"It's a business decision that's granted me financial freedom and continues to provide passive income.

"It's not like the act is illicit; it's a natural part of life. With the returns, I've been able to diversify and invest."

Beyond her involvement in the adult entertainment industry, Amanda is a wife, mum, and hotelier alongside her husband, Max.

"I first met Max at a nightclub where he worked security that evening," she said.

"After striking up a conversation, our bond grew. We later got engaged in Thailand and are planning an overseas wedding.

"Together, we have a beautiful son."

On her newest venture, opening a hotel, Amanda shared: "Max had a footing in the real estate sector, specifically developing luxurious apartments for tourists.

"Recognising a joint business opportunity, we decided to collaborate and venture into the hotel industry together."

Amanda continued to say launching a hotel proved no small feat.

"Despite our lack of formal experience or education in the hospitality industry, my husband and I decided to design a hotel we'd love to stay in," she said.

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"The journey had challenges, particularly dealing with government permits and unexpected hitches during construction. Yet, the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our guests has made it all worth it."

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Amanda sets her eyes firmly on the horizon, driven by her vision for the future.

"I often find myself contemplating where I want to be a decade from now," she said.

"Recognising that my dream future demands unwavering dedication, I remind myself that nothing worthwhile comes easily."

When asked about her formula for business success, she emphasised the significance of authenticity.

"Forge your own journey, stay true to who you are, and resist the urge to emulate others," she said.

"Success, I believe, hinges on carving out a distinct niche for yourself.

"Rather than getting caught up in comparisons, concentrate on charting your path towards your dreams."

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