PE teacher smacked ‘naughty’ pupil, 4, on the legs after he threw a tantrum
28th February 2019

A PE teacher who smacked a four-year-old pupil on the legs after he threw a tantrum has been found guilty of assault.

Ian Webber, 54, hit the unruly youngster at an after-school football club after carrying him across a sports hall by the shoulders.

A court heard the boy had hit and kicked 6ft 2in Webber and he warned the youngster, “if you kick me again, I’ll smack you”.

The teacher of 16 years denied smacking the boy and said a slapping sound heard by witnesses may have been him giving the boy a “high five”.

But at Birmingham magistrates court, judge David Robinson found Webber guilty, after saying the evidence of the victim and three other boys was “clear and plausible”.

The boy, who cannot be named, said Webber smacked him “very hard” on the legs because he was “being naughty”.

Webber, of Polesworth, Warks, was given a conditional discharge and ordered to pay costs of £850.

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