Parents puzzled over 'infuriating' homework a 4-year-old brought home
12th April 2023

Parents stumped over ‘infuriating’ homework their 4-year-old brought home: ‘Why do teachers do this to children?’

  • A father could not figure out the answer to his son’s kindergarten homework
  • The exercise asked the child to identify words from an illustration 

A man was perplexed by his kindergartener’s ‘unreasonably complicated’ homework after the child brought home a confusing worksheet.

The task asked the 4-year-old to identify several items from their illustrations and write their names down.

But a graphic of an adult rabbit with a fluffle of bunnies caused a lot of contention.

The exercise’s first three questions were simple and showed photos of a tub, the number ’10’, and a spinning top. 

A guideline stated that no words were longer than four letters.

A man was perplexed by his kindergartener’s ‘unreasonably complicated’ homework after the child brought home a confusing worksheet. The answer most believe it to be is ‘pet’

The man pleaded for help on a popular online community on Reddit.

He shared a photo of the worksheet which seemed to focus on the letter ‘T’ along with his son’s answers for previous questions.

‘This is my son’s kindergarten school work,’ the man wrote. ‘What 3-4 letter word is this?’

Support from thousands came flooding in, with some offering up possible solutions to the problem.

‘Has to be pet,’ said one parent. ‘These kinds of worksheets try to make the last one more difficult by switching the sound of the letter to the end of the word to try and throw the kid off.’

Another woman agreed, citing the silhouette of the other page of the worksheet.

‘It’s definitely pet! You can see on the other side of the worksheet the last ‘S’ picture [following ‘sad’ and ‘sun’] is clearly ‘bus’. They are definitely going for ‘pet’ with the final ‘T’.’

Others had different options the father could try instead.

‘The answer could be tame – but that might be too fancy for a child.’

‘It doesn’t have a ‘T’ but is ‘hare’ a possibility?’

‘Baby rabbits are called ‘kits’ sometimes – it’s a proper term but not really used colloquially. I don’t know if kids are expected to know that.’ 

‘Maybe it’s ‘tiny’.’ 

Many parents are similarly frustrated about homework their children brought home

Many others were confused by the frustrating and admitted to not immediately putting the puzzle together.

‘My kids had rabbits as pets and I still wouldn’t have thought of it from that picture,’ a mum said.

‘Is it a trabbit? [sic] Or a tbunny? [sic].’

‘Why didn’t they just choose something clearer? Hat. Cat. Bat. Who does this to a child?’ 

‘I have a degree in physics but I couldn’t begin to tell you what the hell is going on here.’

‘PhD in neuroscience and my brain broke trying to understand what the hell was asked of those kids.’

Some parents shared similarly frustrating stories about homework their children brought home.

‘First grade parent here … it’s moronic. My son went in to kindergarten reading proficiently and now gets stuck on words that have silent letters because of being taught to tap it out pointlessly.’

Another added, ‘These teachers ask too much of children and their parents.’

‘Somewhere in my phone is a picture from years ago of my son’s second grade math review with the direction: partition the rectilineal shape.’

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