Parenting now vs. then: Woman reveals parenting changes from the 80s
26th August 2023

Are millennials ‘overcomplicating parenting’? Woman quizzes her mother on parenting methods of children in ’80s – as people say it used to be better

  • Taylor Wolfe, from the US, claimed that her anxiety would have hated the 1980s 
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A millennial woman has quizzed her mother on the differences in parenting from the 1980s to now.

Taylor Wolfe, from the US, took to TikTok to question her mother on the parenting methods she employed just over 40 years ago.

Taylor’s mother highlighted a number of stark contrasts, and revealed that parenting used to rely instinct rather than technology. 

But the younger mother has claimed that her anxiety would have ‘hated’ parenting in the 80s.

TikTok users have branded the video ‘insightful’, but now many believe that millennials are guilty of ‘over complicated parenting’.

Taylor Wolfe (pictured left), from the US, took to TikTok to question her mother (pictured right)on the differences in parenting from the 80s to now 

In the video, which received over 900 thousand views, Taylor kicked off the questions by asking: ‘What did you do without Google?’

Taylor drew on the example of the baby’s ‘poop’, and wondered how her mother would know if the color was healthy or not.

But the 80s mother revealed a much more relaxed approach and explained that the answer was simply related to the child’s diet and Google was unnecessary.

Next, Taylor asked: ‘What did you do without having a monitor?’

To which her mother replied: ‘I was the monitor by going in and feeling you.’

But Taylor remained dissatisfied with this response and questioned how her mother managed to regulate the temperature of the nursery or managed to sleep without having a baby monitor by her side.

The 80s mother bluntly responded: ‘If you were hot, you would sleep in a diaper and if you were cold, you had a blanket around you.’

Lastly, Taylor queried: ‘Were you constantly worried or constantly berated with “enjoy these days, they’re only little for so long”‘.

The 80s mother (pictured left) took a more relaxed approach to parenting, but the millennial (pictured right) claimed that her ‘anxiety would have hated the 80s’ 

Users on social media were quick to share their thoughts on Taylor’s video, and one thought millennials over complicate parenting 

To which her mother joked: ‘No, the days were long’.

Taylor captioned the video: ‘My anxiety would have hated the 80s. Or maybe loved it? 

‘I don’t know! #fyp #millennialsontiktok #parenttok #momsoftiktok #comedyvid’, but others disagree and believe that 80s mothers had it right. 

One said: ‘Perhaps millennials are over complicating parenting?’ 

A second person added: ‘it’s almost like all the technology, and it’s advertising, leads to so much unnecessary anxiety.’ 

A third wrote: ‘So basically google just gives us too much information and scares us.’ 

A fourth person said: ‘We parented instinctually, and used our mothers and grandmothers for answers’ 

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