Paparazzi Catch Intruder At Ben Affleck’s Mansion
13th May 2021

Paparazzi – they’re the absolute bane to a celebrity’s life. The constant blinging flashes from their cameras would be far too much for the average Joe to handle. Though, they may have been Ben Affleck’s saving grace when they caught footage of a stranger leaping the fence of his home.

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The culprit was stationed outside Affleck’s Los Angles mansion Tuesday morning adorning a presumably fake security guard uniform and a mask that covered his entire face. Paparazzi witnessed the perplexing incident as he nonchalantly climbed the fence of the home before fleeing the scene on bike. In Touch reports that Affleck was seen discussing the incident with the Los Angles Police Department outside of his home on Wednesday.

LAPD took to E! News to inform that, after a trespass report was completed, the unidentified suspect has yet be be found.

The paparazzi’s fortunate presence at the actor’s $20 million Pacific Palisades can be  chalked up to gossip surrounding the possible rekindling of Affleck and actress-turned-business mogul Jennifer Lopez. After Lopez called a quits with ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez, the two were seen enjoying each other’s company.

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“Ben and Jen spent several days together in Montana. It was just the two of them on vacation together. Big Sky is a special place to Ben,” a source told US Weekly, “They looked very happy together.”

“Ben and Jennifer were in the same mindset after their breakups,” another source tell People, “Whether they end up together or not it’s good for both of them now. And not that surprising

Though this must be a shocking experience for the new Bruce Wayne, he’s far from the only A-list celeb to have a run in with intruders. $1 million worth of handbags and dresses were stolen from pop icon, Beyonce’s storage unit back in March of this year. Items that belonged to the singer’s hair stylists were also looted.

Miley Cyrus has been the victim of numerous robberies, with her most recent being the looting of her storage unit back in January.

The news of Affleck’s close encounter is pushed to the side as rumors of “Bennifer” continue to circulate the news cycle. Though the culprit of the attempted break-in is still at large and capable of returning.

We’ll have to give the paparazzi props on this one.

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