OPINION: So-called 'human rights' activists are putting lives at risk
9th June 2022

So-called ‘human rights’ activists are putting lives of migrants at risk… Our immigration policy has once again been turned over to organised criminals, writes DR RAKIB EHSAN

The wilful determination of Leftist campaigners to wreck every attempt at solving the immigration crisis is beyond frustrating. It is tragic – and deadly.

By fighting the Government at every step, these self-righteous and sneering so-called human rights activists put the lives of the most vulnerable at risk.

Now their knee-jerk opposition to whatever Home Secretary Priti Patel proposes appears to have halted plans to fly 130 migrants to Rwanda, where they were to live while their asylum claims were processed.

Thanks to the Left, immigration policy has once again been turned over to organised criminals. It reverts to the survival of the fittest: a cruel system that prioritises young men strong enough to withstand a dangerous trip across the Channel in an overloaded inflatable – and it enriches vile people-smugglers.

Public confidence in the asylum system is non-existent. Illegal immigration is putting a heavy strain on social cohesion across Britain, especially in deprived inner-city areas and post-industrial towns. Anti-terrorist policing becomes almost impossible when the security services have no way of knowing who is entering Britain, or where from. Background checks are minimal.

A group of people thought to be migrants are brought in to Dover, Kent, onboard a Border Force vessel following a small boat incident in the Channel on Tuesday

The ability of an independent country to control its borders is one of the basic benchmarks of a functioning Government. But self-serving liberals, particularly in the legal profession, do their level best to thwart this.

When the Home Office announced its partnership with Rwanda I applauded it as innovative and pragmatic. The reaction of the Left was depressing and predictable. They betray a deep and racist bigotry, dismissing Rwanda as a barely civilised backwater.

In fact, Rwanda is an international success story, for the way it has rebuilt itself since the genocidal civil war of the mid-1990s. It has one of the most pro-female political systems in Africa, ensuring that women are strongly represented at every level of Government.

I would love to see Britain working more closely with Rwanda, to boost trade and security for our nations. Yet the announcement of our asylum partnership brought disgraceful howls of protest from middle-class liberals who are oblivious to their own prejudices.

The self-appointed ‘human rights defenders’ painted this Commonwealth country as a post-apocalyptic hellhole, ignoring all its hard-won social and economic progress since 1994. Farcically, one of the grounds of the legal challenge is ‘failure to make provision for malaria prevention in Rwanda’. It’s as if the entire country is a disease-ridden swamp rather than a vibrant modern country.

Comparisons between asylum procedures and the 18th century slave trade have been bandied about, as ignorant as they were obscene.

The truth is that genuine, modern-day slavery is encouraged by the people who work so doggedly to undermine the immigration system. By enabling people traffickers to continue ferrying illegal migrants into Britain, by sea or crammed into airless compartments in freight lorries, they are feeding a brutal market.

In brothels, factories, nail bars and many other premises, often in the poorest neighbourhoods across this country, illegal workers are denied pay or passports. They are prisoners of their gangmasters.

The number of migrants (pictured Tuesday) arriving in the UK this year after crossing the English Channel in small boats is expected to exceed 10,000.

Free to operate within the UK and without realistic threat of punishment, people-traffickers enjoy carte blanche to make as much money as possible by charging extortionate fees to migrants – often with false promises that, once here, they will be able to exploit the benefits system. That is the reality of our dysfunctional asylum system. It is one of the most urgent problems facing the Government, compounded by the attitude of our Border Force – which doesn’t appear to have much belief in secure borders and national sovereignty.

British people are generous and welcoming when it comes to rehoming the persecuted. The outpouring of money and gifts from Daily Mail readers to organisations supporting Ukrainian refugees, including £11million donated to the Mail Force charity, is ample proof of that.

That generosity is mocked by Leftists who promote the cases of the least vulnerable migrants at the expense of those whose lives are really at risk.

Too often it is women and children, especially girls, who are oppressed by fundamentalist regimes. They are the least able, both physically and financially, to seek asylum via people smugglers.

It is these women and girls who pay the real price of the Left. For all their noisy virtue signalling, these smug anti-Tory obsessives have no genuine interest in helping anyone. They just want to cause maximum disruption. Once again, it looks like they have succeeded.

Dr Rakib Ehsan is a community relations expert.

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