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4th November 2022

BLACK FRIDAY is getting closer and closer, and one thing we're hoping for a big discount on this year is an Oodie.

Originating in Austalia, the Oodie is an ultra-soft hooded blanket that makes getting through those cold winter evenings a breeze — and now is the perfect time to buy one, with the mercury dropping and the brand offering a £25 sale.

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When is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday originated in the USA, though it is pretty much now a worldwide phenomenon.

It is THE best day of the year for bargain prices and mega sales, and always falls the day after Thanksgiving, which this year is Thursday 24 November.

This means Black Friday 2022 is Friday 25 November, and Oodie has confirmed that this is when it will begin its designated sale. However, if you're already feeling the chill, don't fear — there are already great deals available on the brand's website.

What to expect from the Oodie Black Friday 2022 sale

It’s still too early to know for certain what’s going to be in the Oodie Black Friday 2022 sale, but you can be sure there’ll be a wealth of great deals for shoppers.

The company has branched out and now sells a range of other products in addition to its signature oversized hoodie blankets, including sleep tees, Oodies for dogs, boots, underwear and weighted blankets.

There are offers across all of these on the website already. If you're looking to nab an Oodie at a good price, we'd recommend nagging a friend to go in on a Twin Pack with you – you'll save £40 each:

  • Navy Oodie, £69 (saving £20) – buy here
  • Purple Tie Dye Oodie, £69 (saving £20) – buy here
  • Oodie Twin Pack, £98 (saving £80) – buy here
  • Avocado and Toast Oodie Sleep Tee, £44 (saving £25) – buy here
  • Oodie Weighted Blanket, £74 (saving £25) – buy here

And if you aspire to being an Oodie family then there’s also fantastic deals on bundles with the Oodie Mega Pack selling for £252 saving you a whopping £252 off the original price of £504.

While you’ll have to wait until 25 November to get your hands on the best deals, you can get in there early and find out what’s coming up by signing up for Oodie’s Black Friday alert on its website.

Not sure if it'll live up to the hype? We've tested out the cult hooded blanket ourselves. Read our Oodie review here.

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When is Cyber Monday and will Oodie be taking part?

Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday, meaning that this year, it falls on 28 November.

It’s a day of amazing deals and special offers, so if for whatever reason you've missed out on the Black Friday sales, you should still be able to grab a few bargains.

Oodie is definitely taking part, according to its Black Friday website page.

What Black Friday Oodie deals were on offer in 2021?

Last year’s Black Friday deals from Oodie saw some great savings, with offers across its website on its iconic hoodie blankets for adults and kids.

The biggest deals were on bundles, with 50% off the Mega Pack and Family Pack, but there was also 25% off individual Oodies with the code BLACKFRIDAY.

Are Oodies worth it?

Oodies are a big thing at the moment – the website says they’re “like a jumper crossed with a blanket, crossed with a cloud” and there are certainly plenty of fans leaving rave reviews.

In our Oodie review, our writer said: "I probably wouldn't pay the full £89 for an Oodie, but if you can get one in a sale, or convince your family to get one with you and get a bulk discount, then I would advise you to do it."

However, only you can say if you think Oodies are worth the money. They’re warm and snuggly, so they’re perfect for winter and they’re big enough to curl up inside on the sofa. There’s a hood to keep your ears warm and a big kangaroo pocket for any essentials (fitting really, as it's an Australian brand).

With the way fuel bills are increasing in the UK they could be a good alternative to switching on the central heating, especially if paired with a hot-water bottle.

Can you tumble dry an Oodie?

Oodies are not suitable for tumble drying.

The best way to care for your Oodie is to hand wash it in cold water, say the Oodie gurus on the website, but if handwashing isn’t your thing (and you have better things to do with your time) you can machine wash it on a gentle cycle with a mild washing powder or liquid.

How long does an Oodie take to dry?

How long an Oodie takes to dry depends on how you dry it, how warm it is in your house, and the temperature outdoors where you live. As Oodies are man-made from Sherpa fleece, you could treat it like you would a wool jumper and dry it flat.

You can also line dry it outdoors – put it on a hanger first, though, and attach the hanger to the washing line to avoid peg and line marks.

Yes, it takes a while to dry, but good things come to those who wait.

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