One-eyed cop killer Dale Cregan’s brother jailed for stabbing sister’s ex
2nd March 2019

The brother of one-eyed cop killer Dale Cregan is starting a five-year jail sentence after stabbing their sister’s ex-boyfriend.

Dean Moores, who uses a different surname to his evil sibling, knifed his victim in the leg after an argument.

The stabbed man, Ryan Lever, used to date Dale’s sister Stacey, 32.

The brothers’ mum Anita told the Sunday Mirror she was devastated to have two sons in jail.

Moores, 37, was caught on CCTV stabbing Ryan and police used the footage to trace him back to his house where they found a cannabis farm inside.

Moores was jailed this week for five years five months at Manchester after admitting grievous bodily harm and growing cannabis

His notorious brother got life in 2013 for slaying policewomen Nicola Hughes, 23, and Fiona Bone, 32, while on the run for two other murders.

He lured the officers to a house in Hattersley, near Manchester, with a fake 999 call before throwing a hand grenade and shooting the cops 32 times, then giving himself up.

Moores landed himself in trouble 20 miles away in Rochdale. CCTV footage last September showed him going into an alleyway next to a shop that Ryan, 26, had entered.

When Ryan came out, Moores emerged and stabbed him in the thigh.

He then chased the terrified victim a short distance before jumping in a Renault Clio and fleeing.

The brothers’ mum Anita, 61, claimed the attack was not premeditated.

She said: “Dean goes fishing often and had his fishing knife with him.

“He’s not walked about with a knife. He pleaded guilty immediately. He was caught on camera arguing with Ryan.

“Dean’s a family man. He’s really sad that he’s ended up in prison.”

She added: “As a mother, It’s hard enough having one son in prison and now I have another one inside. I am devastated.

“They’ve not been brought up with guns and knives.”

Cregan is currently in Strangeways, Manchester, and has been told he will never be released.

Cregan’s sister Stacey was charged with helping Moores flee the scene of the stabbing, an allegation that she denied.

This week the Crown Prosecution Service confirmed they had dropped the case against her.

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