Not sure what to do now after I stupidly stood up a great girl when I was drunk
26th January 2019

We are both 20 and work together. I am a waiter in the local branch of a chain restaurant and she works in the kitchen.

I had arranged to take her out for a meal but my early evening drink with the lads turned into a heavy drinking session.

I got completely plastered. I knew I wasn’t going to make it but stupidly didn’t call her. I knew I was out of order.

Her dad is a regular in the bar where I drink. I overheard a conversation between him and his daughter when my name came up.

I heard her say: “He stood me up, he’s not getting off the hook lightly.”

Do I give her more time, or ask her out for a meal and be straight about the issue?

DEIDRE SAYS: Her true feelings may be hiding beneath her flirty banter. You will continue to give one another mixed messages until you tackle this misunderstanding.

She deserves an apology and a meal would be a chance to explain yourself but she may still want to even the score.

The best lesson you can take is to change your behaviour for the future.

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