New vegan Colgate toothpaste 6 TIMES more expensive than regular tube
14th January 2020

Colgate unveils its first ever recyclable tube of vegan toothpaste with 99% natural ingredients – but it’s SIX times more expensive than the regular variety

  • First recyclable toothpaste tube called ‘Smile for Good’ launched by Colgate 
  • Certified by Vegan Society, it also contains 99.7 per cent natural ingredients 
  • The toothpaste lists and explains each ingredient and its purpose on the pack
  • But the product, which is now available at Waitrose, will set customers back £5 
  • It’s six times more expensive at £5 per 75ml than brand’s regular 80p toothpaste

Colgate is doing its bit to leave environmentally-conscious customers smiling by launching a new vegan toothpaste which comes in a fully recyclable tube. 

Its Smile for Good, which has been certified by the Vegan Society, also contains ingredients that are 99.7 per cent natural.

In an industry first, each ingredient is clearly listed and its purpose explained on the packaging – which is completely recyclable. 

But the 75ml product, which is now available at Waitrose, will set customers back £5 – over six times more expensive than the brand’s regular 80p toothpaste.

Colgate have launched the first ever fully-recyclable toothpaste tube, which is available now at Waitrose  

There are currently two variations of the new toothpaste – Smile for Good Protection, and Smile for Good Whitening, with baking soda known for its whitening properties. 

Most of today’s toothpaste tubes are made from sheets of plastic laminate – usually a combination of different plastics – sandwiched around a thin layer of aluminium. 

The mix of materials makes it impossible to recycle using conventional methods. 

But Colgate’s new toothpaste tackles this by using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the plastic used to make milk jugs and other plastic bottles, which is already widely recycled. 

The toothpaste, which costs £5 per 75ml tube, also boasts of containing 97.5 per cent natural ingredients (pictured, stock image) 

Engineers figured out how to combine different grades and thickness of the laminate in the tube in order to meet recycling standards, while keeping it squeezable.

Colgate hopes to improve it’s sustainability and have 100 per cent recyclable packaging by 2025.

The company is also promising to share its tube technology with competitors to help ensure that all toothpastes meet third-party recycling requirements. 

Noel Wallace, chief executive officer and president of Colgate-Palmolive commented: ‘Colgate wants to make tubes a part of the circular economy by keeping this plastic productive and eliminating waste. 

The toothpaste – which costs £5 – is available in two different types – one for ‘protection’ and another for ‘whitening’ (pictured, the protection tube) 

‘If we can standardise recyclable tubes among all companies, we all win.’

He added: ‘We want all toothpaste tubes – and eventually all kinds of tubes – to meet the same third-party recycling standards that we’ve achieved. 

‘We can align on these common standards for tubes and still compete with what’s inside them.’

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