New mum kicked out of restaurant and called ‘animal’ for breastfeeding
20th September 2021

A woman has claimed that she was asked to leave a restaurant and “never come back” after breastfeeding her newborn.

Ruby Meeden and her husband Aaron decided to introduce their baby son, Rhett, to their family at their favourite local restaurant.

When they arrived Rhett was very hungry and so Ruby tried to nurse the child discreetly by facing the wall.

Unfortunately, they claim that the restaurant owner approached them and asked them to leave, reports the Mirror.

Aaron asked why they were being kicked out, but the owner, from Washington, USA, wouldn’t explain and simply told them to never come back.

But, in a message sent to the pair online, the restaurant owner referred to Ruby as an “animal”.

Aaron posted on Facebook explaining what had happened and included a screenshot of the rude message.

He wrote: "Was told to leave (the restaurant) tonight and never return, after sitting for 45 minutes waiting for service with my six-year-old niece and two-year-old son.

"Never given a reason as to why, so we left a review on Google. One star.

"The owner then proceeds to tell us why we got kicked out. Apparently, he had an issue with my wife breastfeeding my three-day-old son. My wife feels horrible and ashamed.

“I won't be going back and I hope this actually makes a difference."

But, the restaurant owner replied to Aaron’s review and said: "Thank you, never bring your brats to breastfeed here again.

"My restaurant, my rules. Be like decent people not like animals, there are places for everything and this place is not to breastfeed your children, sorry."

Afterwards, Aaron posted what happened on their local community page which lead to two dozen mums protesting outside of the restaurant.

Speaking to Seattle based KOMO news, protester Megan Stevens said: "He's going to have to answer for it one way or another because it's illegal to kick a woman out for breastfeeding."

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