Neighbour’s savage letter calls loud motorcyclist ‘little in trouser department’
20th July 2021

Brits have been left howling after a Reddit user posted a snap of a letter he received from a neighbour online.

And, it quickly went viral after people read the absolutely savage comments from a furious neighbour who was sick of someone’s motorbike making noise.

The social media user took a photo of the A4 note and uploaded it to the CasualUK forum.

He captioned the post “A letter I received this morning.”

The note starts off by reminding the recipient of a previous letter about a motorcyclist neighbour who had removed the silencer on his vehicle.

It seemed that he regularly woke up others in the neighbourhood at 5.45am every day on his way to work.

One such disgruntled neighbour wrote to 50 houses around the area requesting that he install a silencer within 30 days.

The letter added that he would contact the police, council and DVLA if it didn’t happen.

But, the motorcyclist hit back by buying a bigger and noisier bike!

The letter said: “It’s quite amazing to think what goes through the mind of people like this? I can’t fathom it.

“To me, he’s a man who’s overcompensating for the little he’s got in the trouser department – a pathetic self-centred little man child who doesn’t care about his neighbours and hasn’t grown up.

“What a loser.”

It went on to say that the authorities had been contacted, but they had had no luck because while there are laws around silencers motorcyclists can manipulate the situation to get out of being prosecuted.

The letter added: “Indeed, there is now a trend for bikers to remove the silencers to increase the volume of their 'pipes' as they call them.

“This has led to an epidemic of noise pollution from all there bikers who think they’re Dennis Hopper the Easy Rider when really everyone looks at them with disgust and ridicule."

But, the neighbour had decided to give up on their quest because they were “no vigilante” – and wanted the recipient to take up the cause.

They wrote: “If any of you have a thought as to how to convince this d***head to change his ways feel free to try.”

A whopping 47,000 people liked the post and nearly 5,000 commented.

One fan said: “What a baton to be passed.”

“I thought ‘you have been warned’ was particularly amusing,” replied another.

A third wrote: “I'm almost certain that the absolute k***s in my area drop down a couple of gears anywhere from 11pm-4am (daily) to get as much out of those exhausts as possible.”

“F*** noisy inconsiderate neighbours, anyone who’s had to live through having your sleep disrupted everyday knows it’s torture,” grumbled another.

And a jokester said: “What most people don’t realise is that the bike only makes that noise because it’s hungry. Feeding it a large potato via its exhaust pipe works wonders.”

(Do not do that, by the way).

But, it seems using other people’s noise as an alarm clock isn’t uncommon.

One bloke wrote: ‘My across the road neighbour leaves at 7am every morning and blasts Dolly Parton in his car just before he leaves.

“I’m completely conditioned to wake up to Dolly’s voice now.”

A woman added: “Funnily enough the same thing happened with us, my brother had a very loud car, and one the neighbours said that when hey heard him going to work they knew it was time for the kids to get ready!”

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