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27th October 2022

DEAR DEIDRE: MY neighbour and I were getting on reasonably well, until she started making ridiculous demands.

This week she asked me to contribute £3,000 to a new fence, as she wants to replace the perfectly good brown panels with grey ones.

Has she not heard about the cost-of-living crisis?

I’m 64, and she’s a 26-year-old princess. She’s lived next door for just six months, and I’m already sick of her.

Her boyfriend parks his car across my driveway, and she demands I trim my grass every two weeks as it looks “out of control” next to hers.

How do I tell her to back off and focus on her own home?


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DEIDRE SAYS: If the fence is in good condition, there is no need to pay for the replacement.

Could you perhaps suggest she instead repaints her side of the panels.

When having these conversations, be friendly but firm.

Explain that you’re happy to discuss any issues that affect both properties, but you’ll make the decisions when it comes to your own.

I’m sending you my support pack Standing Up For Yourself to help.

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