My mum left me her house after she died but her boyfriend still lives there – The Sun
7th November 2019

DEAR DEIDRE: AFTER a long illness my mum died and left me the house which she owned and paid for. It’s where we’ve both lived since I was a baby. The problem is her boyfriend lives here, too.

He moved in with Mum 20 years ago but they never married and I don’t want him living in the house with me. I asked him to leave but he says he has nowhere to go. I am 46 and want to live alone.

He is not a nasty person but never paid towards the bills – just bought food and fags. Still, I worry he may have rights after all that time.

Can I just have the locks changed or would that be too unkind? He did help to look after Mum during the last few dreadful weeks.

DEIDRE SAYS: I assume your mum left you the house in her will but made no provision for her partner.

If he can show that she supported him financially, then he could make a claim against her estate.

Changing the locks is not the way to resolve this, especially as you’re both still probably in distress over your mum.

Ask Citizens Advice if you can insist he leave or if you should make him an offer (

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