My daughter's partner walked out because he couldn't stand her drug habit
7th October 2021

DEAR DEIDRE: MY daughter’s partner dumped her because he couldn’t handle her drug habit – and I’m worried that’s not all she will lose.

It’s not a daily habit but it seems that every weekend, my daughter ends up drinking heavily and taking cocaine.

According to her, “Everyone does it.”

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She’s 36, and I’m her 59-year-old dad.

Her boyfriend is a police officer, so has a zero-tolerance attitude to drugs.

When he found out, he moved out of their flat.

My daughter has always suffered from anxiety, and I think the drugs give her a confidence boost, or help her to zone out.

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Either way, this can’t go on.

I’m sure her employer – she’s a teaching assistant – wouldn’t approve, and it only takes one night out for her to do something stupid.

DEIDRE SAYS: It sounds like your daughter is using drugs to block out her anxiety.

But the reality is they will ultimately exacerbate it. Her GP may be able to help with some CBT therapy.

You can’t make her give up, but you can encourage her to think about where it could lead.

We Are With You ( supports those struggling with alcohol and drugs, as well as their families.

Once your daughter’s partner sees her making changes he may come back, but for now she needs to concentrate on getting well.

Meanwhile my support pack, Moving On, will help her, as will time with family and friends.

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