My boyfriend's parents barely let him out of their sight and control his finances
4th April 2021

DEAR DEIDRE: I’M going out with a real mummy’s boy.

His parents won’t let him do anything on his own and he allows them to constantly interfere.

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They beg him to go over at weekends, which he does.

He works for them at their garden centre and they pay him well for doing very little.

They came on holiday with us when we first got together and followed us everywhere.

I’m 25 and my boyfriend’s 27. His mum manages his finances and always wants to know what we’re doing and how much it’s costing.

He even does their food shop and drops it off at their house.

Even though I don’t see them any more after snapping two years ago and telling them I’d had enough of their controlling ways, my boyfriend refuses to see any wrongdoing.

DEIDRE SAYS: What an unhealthy set-up.

His mum is trying with all her might to hold on to her son and sees you as her rival.

Tell your boyfriend you understand how hard it is for him to stand up to his parents, but he is an adult.

Ask him to set firm boundaries.

If he does not convince you he will do this, you will always be second and it won’t change.

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