My boyfriend never wants to hold my hand and it’s destroying my confidence – The Sun
23rd January 2020

DEAR DEIDRE: MY boyfriend refuses to say he loves me, never wants to hold my hand in public and rarely texts me. It is destroying my confidence.

When we were first together he was loving and enjoyed making future plans.

We are 23 and 25. He cuddles me but the sex has now stopped unless he wants it. If I come on to him he pushes me away or makes an excuse.

I go out with my friends every week but he won’t come, as he doesn’t like my friends We used to talk about having kids but now he won’t talk about plans at all.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Are you really going to share your life with someone who leaves you feeling so unloved?

You are not happy now. How will it be in a year or two?

And how would it be with the extra stress of children?

Ask him how he feels about you and the future. If his feelings have changed, you need to know.

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