My adult son refuses to pay his share of the bills while on holiday
11th October 2023

My adults son still lives at home and refuses to pay his share of the bills while he’s away on holiday – and I do his cooking and cleaning too

  • The British mother shared that money was ‘pretty tight’ for the household
  • The man’s to younger siblings have to share a room  
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Parents have been left shocked after a man still living with his mother would not pay rent while he was away. 

The disgrunlted woman took to the British parenting forum Mumsnet to ask users whether she was wrong for expecting her son to pay rent whilst he was on holiday.

The mother explained her son – who is in his late twenties – felt like he did not have to pay his lodgings while he was away visiting other relatives for the week.

Fellow parents were left stunned by how selfish the young man was being, with some going as far as to brand him a ‘cheeky s**t’.

The anonymous woman aired her frustrations regarding son – who is in his late twenties – refusing to contribute towards bills while was away with other relatives (stock image)

A woman took to the British parenting forum for advice on how to handle her adult son who lives at home, but doesn’t want to pay his way  

On the forum, the mother explained that her older son still lives with her, her partner and their two children.

The man, who is approaching his thirties, makes weekly contributions to the household bills because money is currently ‘pretty tight’ for the family.

However, the mother-of-three was left shocked after her son revealed he would not be paying his share of the bills while he was staying with other relatives for a week.

She added: ‘He’s suddenly sprung this on us and as he now won’t expect to pay his contribution next week, that’s money we will now have to find.’

The woman thinks it is unreasonable for her son not to contribute simply because he is on holiday. 

She divulged that her son still has his lunches and evening meals made for him,and she does his laundry too. 

His two younger siblings also have to share a room because the eldest son is still living and being financially supported at home.

Many parents took to the comments in support of the anonymous mother, pointing out her home is not a ‘hotel’.

One person wrote: ‘You don’t stop paying rent because you’re on a weeks holiday. So he still needs to pay.’

Whilst another quipped:  ‘Of course he should still pay. I don’t stop paying my rent or mortgage when I go on holiday.’

An adamant user stated: ‘He can go where he wants, when he wants. He still pays. That’s how life works.’

Some even suggested it was time for the woman’s fully grown child to move out of the home. 

People flooded the comments backing the mother, with many noting he could not refuse to pay rent if he was living alone

However, not everyone was completely behind the mother’s request, with one person recommending: ‘A small reduction if you can afford it perhaps, but there’s nothing wrong with expecting him to pay as normal.’ 

Others were concerned the household was relying to heavily on the son’s finances, with another parent saying: ‘I would make him pay still but I do think it is a bit difficult relying so much on his money. What will you do if he moves out?’

One person continued: ‘I agree he should pay his way – and do more around the house – but it also seems like you’re relying far too heavily on his money.’

But not everyone was against the man in his late twenties, with one user adding: ‘He’s not costing you anything extra whilst he’s away for a week.’  

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