Mum terrified leaking roof will collapse on toddler sleeps in ‘damp’ living room
18th December 2018

A mum and her one-year-old son have been forced to sleep in their living room while waiting for leaking holes in the roof to be repaired.

Rebecca Witts, 23, of Bingham, woke up to water dripping on her face on December 8.

She discovered water was leaking through five holes in the roof which was made worse after a spate of bad winter weather.

A draft has also formed through the house and Rebecca said this has affected her and her son Theo’s health, Nottinghamshire Post reports.

Metropolitan Homes, responsible for the family’s block of social maisonettes and apartments, sent out an electrician and roofer to inspect the damage.

Rebecca said she was told she would need scaffolding to make any necessary repairs, for insurance and safety purposes.

But she has been waiting for more than a week for the repairs to be carried out and claims Metropolitan told her nothing could be done while waiting for the scaffolding.

She said: "I have got a young child in the house. All my insulation is really damp. It’s made us both ill living in the house. There is a draft through the house and it is cold even with the heating on.

"I was asleep one morning and got woken up to water dripping on my face from the ceiling. I thought it was my son’s dad messing about.

"With the bad weather we’ve been having recently it’s been leaking again.

"It’s two weeks before Christmas so I’m worried it will get forgotten and I’ll have to wait until January for someone to come out to it.

"If the roof comes in then we will have to be re-homed. I just think it’s ridiculous to have taken so long. It is an emergency problem.

"I’ve just been told ‘there’s nothing we can do, we are waiting for scaffolding’ and I’m waiting and waiting.

"We’ve been sleeping in the living room for over a week. It’s cramped in there. I don’t trust putting my son in the spare room because it could collapse.

"It’s unsafe. My son shouldn’t have to be put through it."

The housing company said it is doing all it can.

A spokesperson from Metropolitan Thames Valley said: "We regret any inconvenience or discomfort experienced by the resident, and are working hard to resolve this problem as quickly as possible.

"We are working with our contractor to bring forward the necessary erection of scaffolding, and are on track to complete this by the end of this week – after which we will be able to carry out the necessary repair to the roof of the building.

"In the meantime, we will contact the resident to keep her updated and to further discuss any concerns she may have."

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