Mum shares how to avoid overspending with this cash stuffing savings technique
18th September 2021

TikTok is full of tips and tricks to make our lives easier, and this one can ensure you’re not overspending – something that’s important for all of us, particularly after the financial upheaval of the pandemic.

A new savings technique shown off by people on the platform can give you a sense of accountability when it comes to money, with you being able to see exactly what you have left over from paychecks.

Mum Sacha Renee is one of the people helping popularise the method – called cash stuffing – and showing that saving money doesn’t need to be solely for the wealthy.

Each week when her partner receives his paycheck, bills are paid out of their bank account. What’s left is taken out in cash, and split between various pouches.

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Every week, Sacha ‘stuffs’ her envelopes, which are labelled by what the money will be used for.

Categories include food, Christmas, clothing, toiletries, birthdays, leisure, eating out, and more, with the mother having set amounts for some and putting an ad-hoc amount in others depending on the wages they got that week.

It’s becoming a popular trend, with more and more creators sharing their cash stuffing videos and encouraging others to try the hack.

If you want to get involved, all you need are some envelopes or pouches. You can purchase budgeting binders with pouches like Sacha’s online, customising each envelope for the categories that make sense for you.

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These might include (as well as those mentioned above) healthcare, spending money for each family member, haircuts, dental care, home expenses, and a general rainy day fund.

Each time you’re paid, deal with the essentials like rent and utility bills as you normally would, then take everything left out in cash.

Seeing exactly how much is left means you can prioritise money based on percentages. For example, if your pay is lower one week or month, you might decide to forgo a meal out and put more in the dental care budget.

The exact amounts are up to you – and will be dependent on your income – but you’ll be able to more easily quantify exactly what’s left rather than relying on apps (and potentially overdoing it on card and contactless payments).

There’s no need to spend what’s in your pouches straight away. For example, Sacha puts roughly £10 a week in her toiletries envelope, but may not need to buy anything in this category for weeks at a time. This gives you the option to save money bulk-buying because you’ve correctly budgeted.

Money management is a skill we all need, and while this technique may seem simple, it offers control to many. No more buying things we can’t afford as once the cash is gone, it’s gone.

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