Mum rages as sister-in-law steals baby name after she announces it on Facebook
16th June 2021

It's a hard job when it comes to baby names.

So when you think you've found the one the last thing you want is for someone to take it.

A new mum recently had that issue after her sister-in-law stole the name she had already chosen for her baby boy.

Writing on Reddit, in the Am I The A**hole thread, the woman decided on a name early on while pregnant with her son.

The couple had announced the name and sex in advance, posting a picture of a blanket embroidered with his name on Facebook.

But soon later, her sister-in-law announced she had just given birth, despite nobody knowing she was pregnant, and took the name.

The woman added that her husband's sister is now angry at her for wanting to keep the name as planned.

She wrote: "I had my son a month ago. We had his name chosen early in my pregnancy.

"It's a double honour name which kind of came from a unique place.

"We announced the sex and the name in a Facebook post in April with a blanket that had his name embroidered on it.

"Fast forward a week and my sister-in-law announces she has given birth to a son and the name she had chosen?

"The very same name we had chosen. It was awkward."

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The new mum said that her in-laws were also shocked, but her husband's sister said she loved the name so didn't see any issue.

She added: "My husband thought she was nuts and told her she was a d*** for thinking she had 'claimed' the name now.

"She said it wasn't her fault she got there first. I was like it's fine, we are not changing the name and they can share the same name.

"Well, she's p***** that this actually happened.

"Father-in-law told us to ignore her that it will settle down. But she is still p***** and said we're only hurting the kids with this."

Since she shared the dilemma, social media users were quick to back her corner.

One claimed "it's only weird if someone makes it weird".

Another said: "I have a cousin whose five granddaughters all share her name. The same name."

A third added: "Petty move on her part, and good for you for sticking to your guns.

"The kids will be fine. It's not like having the same name is going to traumatise them."

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