Mother spends £18,000 on a mummy makeover
26th May 2022

Mother, 37, who was unhappy with the loose skin around her stomach after shedding 4st spends £18,000 on a mummy makeover

  • Charmaine Burgh, 37, from Peterborough, dropped to goal of 9st in 16 months  
  • Claims her 38G breast were saggy and she had loose skin around stomach
  • Mother transformed with £18,000 on a tummy tuck, breast uplift and implants  

A mother who achieved her goal weight through diet and exercise but was still unhappy with her body is almost unrecognisable after spending £18,000 on a mummy makeover. 

Charmaine Burgh, 37, from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, led an unhealthy lifestyle and often found herself eating 3,000 calories per day.

The owner of an aesthetics company decided ‘enough was enough’ and lost four stone, but was still unhappy with the loose skin around her stomach.

She has since achieved her dream size eight body after forking out £18,000 on a tummy tuck and a boob job with an uplift. 

Charmaine said: ‘I was a binge eater. I would quite easily consume 1,000 calories for my lunch after skipping breakfast.

Charmaine became unhappy with her size (pictured left) on a diet of 3,000 calories per day, which prompted her to make a lifestyle change. Pictured right: Charmaine now 

Charmaine Burgh, 37, (pictured) from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, has transformed her appearance with an £18,000 mummy makeover since losing weight 

‘Sometimes on the weekend, I would have a McDonald’s breakfast and lunch followed by an Indian takeaway for dinner.

‘I couldn’t go a day without chocolate and wine too.

‘I always felt sluggish which prompted me to look at how I could change my lifestyle.’

Initially, Charmaine considered weight loss surgery abroad but she later decided against this idea.

She said: ‘I was going to get everything done in Turkey – including a gastric band or sleeve.

‘But my husband Tom was against it becuse I needed to fix my mindset.

Charmaine (pictured before) considered undergoing weightloss surgery in Turkey, but instead  decided to dedicate 16 months of her life to tackling her bad eating habits 

Charmaine said she fell in love with the gym and ate in a calorie deficit with help from an online coach. Pictured left: Before mummy makeover, right: In the middle of her weight loss 

Charmaine (pictured now) said throughout her weight loss she continued to eat the food she enjoys but in moderation 

Charmaine’s diet before…. 

Breakfast – Buttered toast or skip

Lunch – Cheesy jacket potato or McDonalds

Dinner – Spaghetti Bolognese with cheese and a French stick or pizza and chips

Snacks – Wine, crisps, chocolate

Charmaine’s diet after..  

Breakfast – Protein shake

Lunch – Home made sandwich (ham or egg)

Snack – Fruit

Dinner – Steak, new potatoes and salad

Snack- Protein yogurt and fruit

‘He was completely right and I am so happy I didn’t get the surgery done. I spent 16 months tackling my bad eating habits.

‘I fell in love with the gym and followed a calorie-controlled diet – with the help of an online coach.’

Charmaine began working out three to five times per week and eating 1,500 calories a day.

She said: ‘I continued to eat everything I like but in moderation.

Charmaine, pictured before her weight loss, would skip breakfast and then eat 1,000 calories by treating herself to McDonald’s at lunchtime 

Charmaine (pictured now, with son Alexander) said she gave herself Saturdays off the diet to have a takeaway, chocolate and wine 

Charmaine said she was still unhappy after dropping to her 9st goal because her 38G breast looked ‘saggy’ and she had loose skin around her stomach. Pictured left: During weight loss, right: Charmaine had a breast uplift and implants in November 2020

‘I was mindful with everything and gave myself Saturday off the diet to have a takeaway, chocolate and wine.

‘I would then work out on Sunday to burn the extra calories off.’

Charmaine dropped to her goal weight of 9st but was still unhappy.

She said: ‘My boobs looked like two socks with golf balls in and my stomach had loose skin.

‘I had 38G breasts but they were so saggy until I had a breast uplift and implants in November 2020.

Charmaine (pictured now) said Saturday was her treat day and she would burn extra calories off on a Sunday

Charmaine (pictured now) said she has more confidence now and is able to do more activities with her six-year-old son 

‘I then had a tummy tuck in March 2021. The surgery was the icing on the cake.

‘It is honestly the best thing I have ever done.’

Charmaine now feels more confident than ever before and has recently wore a bikini for the first time in a decade.

She said: ‘I feel amazing. The surgeon, Mo Akhavani, did the best job ever and he is so professional. I can’t thank him enough.

‘I have so much more confidence and now I am able to put myself out there.

‘Previously, I felt so shy about putting my face to the name of my company but now I have a newfound confidence.

‘I am much more healthier and can do more activities with my son, Alexander.’

To see more of Charmaine’s journey, check out her Instagram @cbfat2fit

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