Model with 32L boobs unveils latest procedure as she exclaims ‘my doc’s amazing’
3rd July 2022

Model Jazmyne Day usually wows her fans by showing off her surgically enhanced 32L boobs online.

However, the OnlyFans star took to Instagram this week to show off a new procedure.

The 28-year-old, who is originally from Gwent in South Wales, but now lives in the US, told her 304,000 followers on the site that she's had lip fillers done.

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And the beauty was ecstatic over the results as she said said she was "so happy" with them.

Jazmyne took to her Instagram story to show off her new lips as she pouted for the camera.

Captioning the snap, she wrote: "So happy with my new lips!

"I'm such a baby when it comes to fillers, but my Dr is amazing at making me feel comfortable."

The model tagged @BernieBlanks.Aesthetics in the post, who describes himself as a 'nurse practitioner injector'.

The post comes after Jazmyne recently opened up about her eye-popping 32L boobs in an exclusive chat with Daily Star.

Jazmyne told us she had the surgery done after losing 60lb of fat.

This saw her ditch her 9-5 job as an accountant to become a racy model instead.

Jazmyne, who used to be a cup size 36/38D, said her earnings quadrupled a week after getting the surgery done, with fans fascinated by her large chest.

Asked why she went for such a big size, she told us that she'd always dreamed of having big boobs.

"I'd always pictured myself with a petite body, getting lean and then having huge boobs," she said.

"I didn't know the exact size my chest would be until I had the surgery, but I think I've just always loved huge boobs and admired other models who had them.

"I felt very repressed before I had them done and thought 'Enough was enough.

"I wanted to be happy and content and decided I didn't care what people thought anymore."

Jazyme confessed people were "horrible" and "brutal" about her surgery after she had her boob job.

However, she said that she "didn't care" what people said.

"For the first time ever I was truly confident," she said.

"I worked my ass off to get my boobs. I didn't get them until I lost all the weight first, which took three years.

"I lost it very slowly to make sure it stayed off as I wanted to be healthy.

"I was super excited when I got them done."

Asked if she's planning to go any bigger when it comes to her boobs, Jazmyne admits she has considered it.

She added: "I do love them but boob greed is definitely real.

"When I first got them done, they were swollen, so as soon as they drop you miss them being bigger

"I joke I'll get them bigger for my 30th, but I think we'll just want and see.

"I want them bigger but I know I don't need them to be.

"They're already ridiculous – I'm aware of that. A lot of people think that I'm delusional.

"I appreciate I look like a clown but I don't care."

We'll watch this space then.


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