Miss Universe: Fans Think Miss Canada Looks Just Like Taylor Swift & The Memes Are Amazing
17th December 2018

Taylor Swift, is that you? Fans picked up on the uncanny resemblance between the singer and Miss Canada at the Miss Universe pageant, and as usual, the jokes are SO GOOD.

Taylor Swift didn’t perform at the Miss Universe 2018 pageant, but fans still think she made an appearance. Miss Canada, Marta Stępień, made it all the way to the top 10, giving viewers plenty of time to realize that she looks just like the “Delicate” singer. Naturally, her lookalike status spawned plenty of memes on Twitter.

One fan referenced Taylor’s infamous MTV Video Music Awards incident in which Kanye West interrupted her acceptance speech. The Twitter user put an image from the awards show next to a screengrab from the pageant of host Steve Harvey reading off a card to Miss Canada, captioning it, “Remember Taylor Swift and Kanye West in the [VMAS]? This is them now in the Miss Universe, feel old yet? Haha!!”

Since the pageant contestant is a brunette instead of blonde like Taylor, many turned to the “You Belong With Me” music video to make their jokes. As any Swiftie would know, the songstress donned a dark wig in the visual to be the antagonist short-skirt-wearing cheerleader.

“Sneak peak of Miss Canada’s evening gown #MissUniverse” one fan wrote alongside a picture of brunette Taylor in a prom dress. “Don’t be deceived. Miss Canada is the evil cheerleader Taylor Swift in You Belong With Me music video,” said another.

Unfortunately Miss Canada didn’t make it into the top 5, but these tweets are definitely in the top 5 of the best jokes of the night. (The crown might need to go to Miss Costa Rica for that dig at Steve Harvey, though).

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