Misleading photos on social media look like totally different scenes
17th September 2021

Made you look twice! Optical illusion photos reveal scenes that appear to be something totally different until you take another glance

  • Confusing gallery shows photos that appear to be completely different things 
  • Snaps from around the world include a parsnip seemingly giving hand signals
  • Parked trains in sleeping bays appear to be stacked sewing needles in a row 
  • Some irresistible Kentucky fried chicken turn out to be some red haired puppies

From a broken chair that’s actually a cat sitting down, to some trains that look like needles, social media users have been sharing pictures that at first deceive the viewer’s eyes.

The confusing snaps from across the globe were collated in an online gallery by Bored Panda, including a dog so squishy it appears to be a furry blanket. 

Other snaps show some gorgeous red puppies that at first look like some delicious fried chicken wings.

In another photograph, a parsnip looks exactly like pale, skinny hand. 

This man completely unaware of his surroundings, inadvertently walked into the perfect shot for some more voluminous hair  

If at first you saw a broken chair you’ll be forgiven, but in fact a tiny little black cat peeks over a table

This delicious crunchy fried chicken on a grill looks suspiciously like some orange cockapoo puppies…

Needles are so easy to lose for the keen sewer, and that solution remains unsolved, as theses are actually parked trains

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This sleeping Shar-Pei puppy looks incredibly like a comfy blanket you’d cover your toes with on a cold day

Does anyone speak root vegetable? This parsnip seems to be trying to reach out to humans through a type of sign language

In a slightly macabre-yet-relieving picture, what at first appears to be a woman who underwent a double amputation is actually the proud mother of healthy twins

Proving yet again that dogs and poultry look alarmingly alike, some raw chicken thighs are actually a litter of newborn pups

A bunch of pulled human teeth is a pretty gruesome scene, but luckily this is a pile of white bell peppers and sliced tomatoes

This Bambi impersonator curled up on a red chair is actually a little chihuahua lazing in the sun

These musical notes are actually little birds birched on some rails. Whoever said birds weren’t musical geniuses? 

New shoe trends pop up all the time but there’s something really fishy about this snazzy flip flops

This woman with an overly large tongue thought this baby in blue was too scrumptious not to lick… until you realise it’s the baby’s hand

The clearest waters to ever exist is actually just the  owner of an arm of the world’s worst glove tan line 

This sad, wilted cheeseburger seems to be missing the top bread bun but in actual fact—it’s a yellow frog

This beautifully smooth egg is in a box that might be a dead giveaway that the egg is actually a burger

Everyone love a good picture of some squidgy bead dough rising, but these cats are simply not part of that

These sad, screaming faces are actually some abandoned pink trainers but it’s hard to view them as the latter

One to add to the pinecone collection! Except that this is a tiny little bird sleeping ona blue blanket

This cute little white amphibian is actually comprised of leftover cappuccino bubbles and not that of a frogs anatomy

This splashing from a waste water pipe into a body of water is if facta swan hiding its head from the world

How sweet! A father took his son to ‘take you child to work day’… or so the camera angles would have us believe

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